a “cure” for Alzheimer’s

Endless hours of navigating the dos and dont’s of this blog has “fried” my brain. I liken my experience to what my daughter is enduring at the National Choreographer’s Initiative where she and the other dancers are rehearsing pieces created on them by the guest choreographers. Both she and I are engulfed in the “pain” of the moment, but agree that we wouldn’t want to be doing anythingelse right now. We’re both happy campers!

Blogging has become another weapon, a very important one,  in my arsenal to combat Alzheimer’s. My brain cells are giddy learning so much new stuff. They seem impatient for the next challenge in my attempt to sort through the mountain of technical jargon. They’re onto the next new thing, while I’m still grasping to fully understand what I just did. Most of the time I stumble upon things accidentally. I often can’t remember how to get back to tweak something.

I know there’s a “support” system, which I use now and then. But rather than going there, which involves more work, I bounce all over my blog figuring things out for myself. It’s fun and exciting when I make a new discovery; it’s frustrating when I run into a “wall” or find myself at a “dead end.” I don’t spend time bemoaning my dilemma, however. I make a “u-turn” and get back on the “highway” looking for more “side streets” that will get me to my destinations.

How can all this mental activity not counteract Alzheimer’s getting a choke hold on my brain? If afficionados of computer games are helped, then surely the same can be said for bloggers. So I salute those amongst us who are trying to level the playing field.   Alzheimer’s is a daunting opponent. It’s the Goliath to our David.

so get out your slingshots…hugmamma (Just acquired a huge ROCK in posting the above pic. I rock!)

hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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