good samaritan #2

I’ve been encouraged by a friend to share uplifting stories about “good samaritans,” since they’re not reported as widely as news detailing human frailty and immorality. 

On the local news tonight there was a story about a dog that had been badly mistreated by strangers. It seems they had wound rip cords around a front leg and a hind leg. When discovered, the one on the front leg was able to be removed; unfortunately the other had been wound so tightly, that the hind leg was irreparable and had to be amputated. Not having the funds, the dog’s owners tried raising the money by selling off items that were personal treasures. The mother sold her wedding ring, saying it was worth less than the canine companion who greeted her when she walked through the door, and who accompanied her when she went swimming. The son, 9 or 10 years old, peddled his most popular video games door to door in his neighborhood.

Hearing the plight of the dog and its owners on the news, callers from around the country rang the vet performing the surgery, offering donations to cover the $3,000 price tag.

small story, big reward…hugmamma.

4 thoughts on “good samaritan #2

  1. Is being a “night owl” in our genes? Or is it that life is too exciting to “call it a day?”

    have to see a priest in the morning, gotta get some shut eye…hugmamma.


  2. So good to “hear” your voice, Ben. Have missed your comments.

    America is definitely an exceptional country comprised of exceptional people. We need to focus a great deal more on our good qualities, both in and out of the press.

    Would like to ship all the bad “apples” off to their own planet. Their evolution would be interesting, to say the least.

    you’re up late, like me…hugmamma.


  3. If one looks real deep into the soul of this country, one will find many, many good ‘samaritans’. It is the nature of this exceptional country. Thus, it is extremely important that this country, and its people, SURVIVE.



hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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