good samaritan #3

No story is too small for me to share about someone doing good.

On the local news, there was a report that flames from a wildfire demolished an apartment complex. No deaths were reported, fortunately, but the tenants’ belongings were all lost in the fire.

Hearing of the devastation, Chloe, a young girl of 9 or 10, took it upon herself to gather necessities for the victims. Tomorrow she will be accepting donations for “Fire Victim Relief,”  in her front yard.

another upstanding citizen in the making…hugmamma.

4 thoughts on “good samaritan #3

  1. Trying to better my lot in life, and being married to an ex-seminarian made me a convert to idealism. At 61, I’m also less stressed and more at peace with life.

    You, on the other hand, have always thrived on dissension. You have a stronger constitution for it than I. And so I leave you to do battle as usual.

    are you the realist, then?…hugmamma.


  2. I had heard about the incident you mentioned because it was fully covered in the media. Unfortunately martyrdom is not just ancient history.

    I think the Taliban hide behind their purported religious beliefs. God as evil incarnate is an oxymoron. So I don’t believe they’re truly representative of the Muslim population. Just as I don’t think Hitler was representative of the Catholic population, even though he’d been a seminarian long before his satanic reign.

    I didn’t realize building a mosque at Ground Zero was a “done deal.” I would’ve preferred a nondenominational “monument” recognizing the need for harmony between the environment and all earth’s species.

    I think mankind has to “get over itself.” All creation deserves to coexist. With greater capacity to take whatever we want of the earth’s resources, should come a greater responsibility to ensure that there’s enough to go around, that all species survive.

    What we don’t seem to understand is that our survival depends upon the survival of the rest of creation.



  3. Are there any truer ‘good samaritans’ than those 10 medical volunteers who were killed by the Taliban in Afghanistan? They have been providing medical care to the poor unfortunates in the country for over 20 years. They were murdered because thay “may” have been guilty of spreading the word of Christ.

    Now we have a mosque being built close to ground zero in NY.

    Someone, please tell me I’m not seeing things in the proper ‘perpective’.


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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