good samaritan #4

If you’ve read “no more pain, only friends,” you know how grateful I am to have found a great dentist in Dr. Quickstad. His unrelenting calmness with staff and patients is a comfort, in what could otherwise be a very traumatic experience. I sincerely wish I’d discovered him sooner; I’d have had him in my life longer.

The “bonus” in knowing Dr. Quickstad is that he has regularly volunteered his services at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Haiti. He has helped that island’s people long before the rest of the world rushed to their aid after the recent, devastating earthquake. He and his wife will return to Haiti this fall, to again be of service for a week. In the spring, donations were accepted which Dr. Quickstad matched, up to $100. More than $3,000 was collected for the benefit of the Haitians.

no fanfare about the man, he just does what he does best…hugmamma.

4 thoughts on “good samaritan #4

  1. Thank you for your comment. I just tried the “rss feed” for my blog and it seemed to work. Of course I didn’t subscribe, but if I had continued to click “subscribe” it would’ve happened. Be sure you click the PURPLE “rss feed button.” The orange “rss feed” is for my second blog, written from my dog’s point of view. I’ve not been on it for awhile since I’ve been so busy with this blog.

    You could also subscribe by email, if you have that capability. Several people are notified of my posts by email so they don’t have to check back to see if I’ve written something new.

    Hope one of these suggestions work for you. Glad to have you along.

    hugs for a great day…hugmamma.


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