McGarrett, no replacement

As I sit typing away at the keyboard, Steve McGarrett’s face lights up the TV screen behind me. The low, husky voice is enough to conjure up the handsome Jack Lord. I’m reminded that in “Hawaii Five-O’s” heyday, I had a crush on the actor. So while I was disappointed in his marriage to someone other than me, I took comfort in his wife’s dark-haired good-looks as indicative of Lord’s preference for exotic types.

Beyond Lord’s presence in the series, “Hawaii Five-O” was a favorite of locals because it was filmed in the islands. The production company’s home base was located a few miles from my mother-in-law’s house. Filming on location meant natives would be used not only as extras, but possibly in featured roles as well. I think one or more of McGarrett’s  detectives were island men. Not only did the series provide jobs for locals but they, along with the islands as a backdrop, gave the show authenticity. Viewing the show I could identify every place they filmed, streets, buildings, restaurants, night clubs, malls, parks, beaches, hotels, churches, temples, airports and more. It was thrilling to see local celebrities like Danny Kaleikini and Genoa Keawe perform. Don Ho also guested but wasn’t a favorite of locals, who viewed him as a cheesy rendition of the true Hawaiian artist. Besides, Ho was always seen with a drink in his hand. Islanders did not relish being dubbed as slap-happy alcoholics to an audience of television watchers.

While not knocking the socks off of critics, the dramatic series entertained “Hawaii Five-O” fans for years. I know my family watched it with regularity. We probably set our dinner schedule around its time slot. After all, watching the show was like witnessing real life as it unfolded on our streets, in our homes, in our work places, among our people. We weren’t watching look-a-likes, so imagining that “Hawaii Five-O” was about us wasn’t far-fetched. And Jack Lord imbued the Hawaiian spirit, if not in looks then in his love of the islands and its people. During the series and through his retirement, he and his wife lived in Honolulu, calling it home. We were as enamored of the man, as he was of Hawaii, its culture and the natives. So while another reprise of the TV series is in the offing, there’ll never be a replacement for Jack Lord, the one and only Steve McGarrett. I wonder if the theme song will be updated as well; the old one is like “comfort food.” Right now, watching the original “Hawaii Five-O”, I’m remembering the “good old days” of my youth.

they can try, but…hugmamma.

5 thoughts on “McGarrett, no replacement

  1. yes,I agree it!
    Jack Lord was the best actor. Nobody can instead of him in Hawaii five-o.
    His another name is Steve McGarrett.
    Steve McGarrett in Hawaii five-o is Jack Lord.


  2. Mahalo for your comment, Virginia. I just reread “McGarrett, no replacement” this morning. Since I wrote it awhile ago, I’d forgotten what I’d said. Noticing that readers were clicking on it now, peaked my curiosity.

    I have to agree with you, not to be boastful, but I felt I’d said what was true for many fans. I’m going to have to purchase the original on DVD. Jack Lord was just soooooo good. I may be old, but I can still appreciate a hunky guy! ha, ha.

    huge hugs…hugmamma.


  3. Thanks for the tip. Will try to view youtube for the updates. Must admit I’ll be a little prejudiced. But if the current one engenders the same great feeling among the locals, and grows a loyal fan base, then I’ll be happy for this generation of islanders. They’ll have a show to call their own, just like mine did with Jack Lord and the original “Hawaii Five-O.”



  4. They’ve released the updated theme song and opening sequence already. At least they’ve stayed pretty true to the tone and style of the original. Do a search for it on youtube. Aloha!


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