o’donnell, Palin harbinger?

Christine O’Donnell, the Tea Party’s latest winning candidate for political office is touted as a Sarah Palin look-a-like. Though the resemblance is not exact, it’s pretty close, brunette, attractive, broad smile, friendly demeanor, seemingly approachable, self-described reps for soccer moms around the country. I’m not a teetotaler or a Republican, I usually vote Democrat. But being a woman, I am intrigued by this latest brand of female politician. What member of our gender wouldn’t be. After all, Palin and O’Donnell claim to represent us ordinary people. While my inclination is more toward women like Hilary Clinton and Michelle Obama because of their experiences and views, sitting down to coffee with these two wouldn’t feel natural or comfortable, but neither would I feel comfortable sipping tea with O’Donnell or Palin. 

What I find interesting about the recent turn of political events is how it might affect Palin’s decision to run for president. At coffee one day some time ago, one of the ladies from exercise class pooh-poohed the idea that Palin would ever be considered a serious candidate. I wasn’t so sure; I’m still not. While she may not answer questions in the manner to which we are accustomed, she connects with ordinary people who probably can’t offer glib answers either. I know. I may have a gift for writing, but I can get tongue-tied when speaking, especially when defending an opinion.

My thoughts are that Palin may be using these next couple of years to build a grass-roots political base, from which she’ll launch her candidacy. The Tea Party may be at the forefront of this reality. Obama’s election was probably the catalyst for this seismic political shift to the other extreme. Just as a black, Democratic president captured the imagination of millions, appealing to the emotions of many who cast votes in his favor; Palin is finding fans among those disenchanted with Obama’s perceived expansion of big government. Conservatives underestimated the possibility of a black president; opponents may be too quick in dismissing Palin as a serious contender.

The recent Vanity Fair issue chronicles a behind-the-scenes look, “Sarah Palin, Smears, Lies, and Big Speaking Fees: Inside Sarah Palin, Inc.” by Michael Joseph Gross. In a 40 minute speech in Independence, Missouri, Palin’s unfettered language connected with the audience. “They talk down to us. Especially here in the heartland. Oh, man. They think that, if we were just smart enough, we’d be able to understand their policies. And I so want to tell ’em, and I do tell ’em, Oh, we’re plenty smart, oh yeah–we know what’s goin’ on. And we don’t like what’s goin’ on. And we’re not gonna let them tell us to sit down and shut up.”  Voicing her views as though speaking for them, her listeners “believe she is just like them, and this conviction seems to satisfy their curiosity about the objective facts of her life.” Among others interviewed by journalist Gross was Colleen Cottle, “matriarch of one of Wasilla’s oldest families, and who served on the city council when Palin was mayor. She says she and her husband, Rodney, will pay a price for speaking candidly about Palin. Their son is one of Todd Palin’s best friends. ‘But it is time for people to start telling the truth,’ Colleen says. She describes the frustrations of trying to do city business with a mayor who had no attention span–with Sarah it was always ‘What’s the flavor of the day?’; who was unable to take part meaningfully in conversations about budgets because she ‘does not understand math or accounting–she only knows buzzwords, like ‘balanced budget’; and who clocked out after four hours on most days, delegating her duties to an aide–‘but he’ll never talk to you, because he has a state job and doesn’t want to lose it.’ This type of conversation is repeated so often that Wasilla starts to feel like something from The Twilight Zone or a Shirley Jackson short story–a place populated entirely by abuse survivors.” 

In years past when I was frustrated with how men governed, I’d share my feeling that moms should be in charge. For centuries we have been the primary caretakers, instilling our children with values. But they are not only future citizens, they are literally of our flesh, making their lives more cherished than our own. I surmised that mothers would wield power in the best interests of families, where I felt men reveled in having  power, period. Palin may have altered my thinking.

“Why are you pretending to be something you’re not? That is the question so many Alaskans have asked this year as they’ve watched Sarah Palin travel the nation. According to almost everyone who has ever known her, including those who have seen the darkest of her dark side, Sarah Palin has a great gift for making people feel good about themselves. Her knack for remembering names and faces and the details of her interactions with people–and for seeming to be present to the person in front of her–constitute an extraordinary power of engagement. Now she is using that power in a fundamentally different way. In part she is using it in the service of her own ambitions. …Those who once felt close to Palin have followed her public transformation with a confused range of emotions. The common denominator is sadness. ‘People who loved Sarah Palin are disappointed,’ said one woman in Wasilla, ‘because they found out that Sarah Palin loves Sarah Palin most of all.’ ”

I’ve decided that the best candidate is not determined by gender, but by what I feel he or she can do to improve the plight of our country. I’m sure everyone feels the same way, and so we’ll all vote according to our individual consciences, which is as it should be. But I still wonder what Palin will do in 2012, and if she’ll be a force with which to be reckoned.

tea party wins, foretelling the future?…hugmamma.

9 thoughts on “o’donnell, Palin harbinger?

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  2. All thought provoking information, to be sure. But with such details tending toward negativity, where does it get us in the final analysis. Do we “sit on our hands,” “pick the bones off a carcass,” or come up with positive, creative ideas and try to move forward?

    I’d encourage the naysayers to do something constructive, after they’re through venting. And there is 2012 to look forward to, another chance to cast a vote for the perfect candidate who will make all our dreams come true.

    after all is said and done, positive action is good…hugmamma.


  3. I wonder if the teetotalers and Palin intend that we should revert back to pre-Civil War days when states were left to their own devices, like slavery, or pre-WWI days when we sought to isolate ourselves from world affairs, or pre-Roosevelt days, when Depression-era citizens stood on bread lines. It may be that returning to hunting for sustenance, and a country whose landscape is dotted with small villages establishing their own standards of living, without interference from outsiders, is what advocates for Palin idealize.

    Maybe we went astray in ridding this country of its natives, who would have been content to be left alone, hunting buffalo to feed and clothe their families. And perhaps we should have refrained from inventions that brought the world to our front doors, like trains, airplanes, cars, and more recently, the internet.

    Can we now put the genie back in the bottle, or shut the lid on Pandora’s Box? I guess the newly spawned breed of Republicans would like to do just that. Maybe it can begin with penalizing businesses and citizens who, on one hand, hire illegal aliens for cheap labor, and on the other, disparage them for wanting a better life for their families in this country where they work. That’s as much an oxymoron as trying to save in this economy, while spending our way out of a recession. Difficult to do, but possible.

    I know what Palin wants, Obama and big government out, expansion of the Alaskan oil pipeline, guns for all. But I’m not sure what the rest of her agenda is. Only time will tell.

    so-so about politics…hugmamma.


    • Unfortunately, Pandora’s box was opened by FDR and it is almost impossible to close it.

      One of our Founding Fathers (I think it was Ben Franklin), upon the ratification of our Constitution, stated that when the citizens of this country realize that he/she can vote themselves largess, the Constitution is doomed. I’m paraphrasing this but, thanks to BOTH partys, we may have reached the point where our debt is so huge that our debt-holders (China, Russia, etc.) MAY OWN US! We won’t have a free country to pass on to our children and grandchildren! If we continue to feed at the trough of big government, we will be consigning our children to a life of SERFDOM. Our ancestors fought and died so we may be free. We in turn are leaving a third world country to our descendants. Oh my . . . .



  4. The tea party may be a force and so may Palin however she and they will have to have more substance to sustain their efforts and not be primarily a one issue enterprise……


  5. Good Blog . . .I am a Sarah Palin fan. Exhuberant fan, in fact. However, I do not see her as presidential material, Yet. Maybe sometime in the future but, not 2012. She may not be the brightest politician out there but, she comes across as someone who believes what she says. In other words, she has core principles and she sticks by them. Not like most politicians. In a leader, I look for a person who has core beliefs that defines his/her life. also, one who aspires to lead must also be able to learn and grow in knowlege and beliefs. But, one’s basic core values must be solid. That way, I will know who I will follow or who I will shun.
    Now, 2012. I believe that Obama is a one term President. Why? Because he will finally be forced to revealed his long-form birth certificate. So far , he has spent almost $2m keeping it locked. Why? Oh, we all saw his certificate of live birth. Oh, Factcheck said it was authentic. Funny, though. When it was first released on the internet, it did not have the seal of the State of Hawaii. It did when it was re-released. Strange, huh? also, it doesn’t name an attending physician or the name of the hospital in which he was born. In fact, at one time, Queen’s Hospital claimed the honor until Neal Abercrombie (Gubernatorial candidate in Hawaii) produced a letter (supposedly) from Obama congratulating Kapiolani Hospital as the hospital where he was born. Oh, well, everyone makes mistakes. Anyway, we all know that Obama went to Punahou (a very expensive private school) right? Well, I read not to long ago that the State Legislature was planni9ng to name Mckinley High School in honor of Obama. Why not Punahou? What a historical honor! The Nation’s FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT and he’s from HAWAII! Don’t you think that Punahou would be jealous of that honor? Oh, and by the way, Punahou and Mckinley are bitter sports rivals. Oh, one last thing on this subject: Factcheck.com is part of the Annenberg Foundation. Barrak Hussein Obama was their legal counsel at one time.

    Okay, now 2012. Hillary has been making some strange noises. For instance, coming out and saying that Obama’s deficit spending may become a national security problem She just challenged her boss, for crying out loud! On top of that, even Bill is coming out and castigating the Demo Party! there was even reported rumors among the Democrat faithful that Hillary would replace Biden (the one with the run away mouth) as VP. Wow! Things don’t look to happy in Demo land. But, again, Hillary has baggage of her own. You know, the White Water thing and the Chicom money.

    Sorry, Hugg, I love politics . . . . .LOL



    • You’ve definitely converted to Rush Limbaugh. But you were always on the brink, from what I remember of our late night discussions. So no surprises here.

      I try to keep an open mind about all the “facts” swirling around about people, politicians, celebrities, and so on. The media plays such a big part in convincing us one way or the other. And, of course, they’ve got their own agenda.

      No need to apologize for your opinion, we’re all entitled after all. That’s what makes our country great, not feeling we’re going to be hauled off and placed in solitary confinement for expressing our thoughts.

      hugs for who you are…hugmamma.


      • Actually, Rush Limbaugh has stayed away from the birth certificate issue. So have many of the main stream Republicans.
        If Obama really wanted to make us ‘birthers’ look like ‘nuts’, all he has to do is release the long form birth certificate. Would save him a lot of money, too.

        Oh, and his college records. And what passport did he use when he traveled to Pakistan in 1981. At that time, the US Government had declared Pakistan a no travel country. Soooo, did he use his Indonesian passport? Could be because apparently, when his stepfather Lolo Soetoro adopted little Barry, he changed Barry’s citizenship to Indonesian in order to be able to attend public school in Indonesia. Did Barry Soetoro change his citizenship back to the USA?

        So many questions of a President we know almost nothing about. A country of laws? Maybe not, hmmmm?



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