putting a “face” on the “unknown” (an update)

I received information that requires I update my previous post, the “unknown,” put a “face” on it.

My nephew and his partner were married in San Fransisco in 2009. The happy news is that he was the one who had nursed my nephew back from a near fatal illness, that must have been a nightmare for all who love him, especially his parents, my sister and her husband, who then cared for my mom years later, during her decade long bout with Alzheimer’s. I’m not sure they’d agree that God only gives us what He thinks we can handle. But I’m certain their reward is their children and grandchildren. 

My nephew’s 2 daughters had been in the L.A. Social System before their adoption, and they now attend the school where their dad teaches 5th grade. Writing these words brings a lot of warmth to my heart. Two young girls, one 12 and one 6, were rescued from a system, an orphanage of sorts, and restored into the welcoming arms of a loving family. I would hate to imagine where those youngsters might be today, if not for their dads. From my perspective, the product of a dysfunctional, straight family, 2 fabulous dads who love 2 “broken” children, deserve a lot of thanks and support, in their efforts to create a normal home in a society too quick to judge. My great-nieces, young innocents, are another couple of faces of the Human Rights Campaign.

the “unknown”, less so…hugmamma.

2 thoughts on “putting a “face” on the “unknown” (an update)

  1. Your thoughtful words remind me of the wonderful, young man I lunched with so many years ago. Your parents were always proud of you, for very good reason. You’ve not changed, it seems, just grown more amazing with age.

    I know God will continue to bless you, for you have been about “His work,” caring for those less fortunate, your 2 little girls. Wishing you and your family only life’s best!

    huge hugs…hugmamma.


  2. Thanks Auntie!
    You’re blessing and support is full of grace, warmth, and love. Our lives are centered on loving each other…as was modeled by our “straight” parents, family, and friends. Whether “others” agree with our lives is inconsequential… we attend church regularly in appreciation to God for creating us, creating our lives, and creating our children…God has blessed us…our “faces” were created in his image. Bless you Auntie:)


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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