“woes again,” comcast

Just when my faith was restored in the “powers” that be, Comcast, “poof! the plug was pulled” once again. Just like that! No warning, whatsoever. So I called customer service this time, rather than wait for their call. The weather couldn’t possibly be at fault now, as it was a few weeks ago when we were experiencing snow and ice, not like the east coast, but enough to make me excuse Comcast for a couple of weeks. Mike answered. Now that I think of it, he may have been the one who commented on my blog the last time, and got the “snowball” rolling. Well, looks like it didn’t roll far enough.

I’m using my husband’s laptop which has its own connection, not with Comcast, obviously. As I indicated when I previously blogged about Comcast, their customer service reps are pleasant, and as helpful as possible given that they’re not even located wherever problems arise. They have no clue what’s causing our problem. They want to send a technician again. I’m a little wary, since their last one arrived after 5 p.m., and did nothing, but talk a good story about “noise” interference. But the next day, our internet connection was back on, and has been until a little while ago. Maybe the “noise” returned. And maybe there are magic wands floating around, and on that particular day Comcast happened upon one and “whoosh!” made everything normal again. But I guess the magic’s expired. I’m not sure how they’ll fix what they’re not sure of, this go ’round. Maybe Harry Potter will happen along. Hmmm…

As long as I have access to my husband’s laptop, I’ll keep blogging, and letting you know, once again, the ongoing saga that’s “Comcast.” Hope there’ll finally be a happy ending. Until then, if there’s any among you who can recommend other avenues to access the internet other than Comcast, especially here in Western Washington, I’m open to suggestions. The only up side to this otherwise frustrating situation, is that I’ll always have a topic about which to blog, COMCAST! Who knows? Maybe they like the PR, even if it’s not so good.

I think the demons of technology are overtaking us, as I blog. Maybe I’ll curl up with a nice book.

for comcast, no hugs this time…hugmamma

hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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