our “menagerie,” our “family”

Wanted to introduce you to family members who love us unconditionally.

Mocha’s our terrier-beagle, southern belle. Her beady eyes peer out from under long lashes. She’s irresistible; we smother her with hugs and kisses.  

Sunkist, a Persian, is the grande dame, at 15 or 16 years of age. She has little patience for tomfoolery, which pretty much means she avoids all other critters, including her siblings. Only her human family gets her undivided attention, and adulation.

They make us smile, even laugh! They want our attention all the time, but they’ll take whatever they can get, whenever they can get it.

Sitka and Juneau are brothers, Maine-coone-mix, adopted from the animal shelter. They love, love, love to be loved, loved, loved…all the time. Our daughter recently recommended we buy a baby carrier for Sitka, who wants to permanently attach himself to our bodies.

They’re not fussy. In fact, they’re downright accommodating. Juneau doesn’t mind being a footstool, when we lovingly rub his tummy with our feet. Guess he doesn’t mind the smell either. Or does he? 

Misha, our daughter’s “son,” a pure-bred, Maine-coone, loves being at grammie’s and grampie’s. It didn’t take him long to assert his dominance over the others, Juneau especially, Sunkist not so much.

Misha can be goofy at times, as in these photos.

 But our daughter loves goofy guys. So they make a perfect pair.

God bless them all, our “family” of pets and yours, and bestow them with good health for a long, long time. Amen.

can’t do without our little buddies…hugmamma.


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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