still loving it!

Six months and 7,556 views later, I’m still loving writing! So thanks, to all of you for continuing to read what’s on my mind. And remember, you’re always welcome to share what’s on yours.

If you’ll notice in the upper right corner of my blog, I’ve inscribed a new saying, one I’ve borrowed from a mug I received at Christmas. Truth be told, I bought it for myself because I loved the saying. The mug shows a small picture of cartoon character Lucy, with snoopy sitting beside her. So it’s assumed that the saying is hers, which is in keeping with her character, and perhaps with mine as I’ve grown older, and yes, wiser.

So let me reiterate, “you’re more than welcome to share your thoughts,” for

If everybody agreed with me, they’d be right.

a chuckle now and then is good for the soul, and the waistline…hugmamma.

2 thoughts on “still loving it!

  1. Well i agree with your mug….My favorite coffee mug says “stop and smell the flowers”
    the comment you left on newest poem humbles me…thank might enjoy 2 of my poems “Old friends” ..and “Seeds”…if you have time check them out..
    Keep warm summer will get here I promice you.


    • You’re very welcome, Connetta. I’m not a poet, though I love writing. Your lyrical use of words is lovely. You catch the essence of a thought, with beautiful simplicity. I’ll definitely revisit to read more, and hope you do the same.

      in my mind, summer’s warmth already comforts me…hugmamma.


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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