comcast answered! corny… but true!

The internet absolutely amazes me! When I publish a post, I have no expectations of hearing from anyone. It’s fabulous when I do, but there’s no pining away, that’s for sure. I just keep doing my thing, writing. Just when I was about to retrace my steps in offering to contact Comcast for my friend Sylvia, to advise that she communicate with an automated, robotic voice, one of my “guardian angels” appeared, to save the day once again.

Mark Casem of Comcast’s national call center is offering to assist my friend in resolving her telephone “echoes.” Since she subscribes to this blog, she’ll get the message. “So Sylvia, if you scroll down to the comments at the bottom of my previous post entitled “calling comcast…earth to comcast,” you’ll see Mark’s email address. Tell him “hugmamma” sent you, girlfriend! And believe me when I say, he’ll definitely get the ball rolling…as far as it needs to go!

i believe in guardian angels…especially the ones that hover around me…hugmamma.

4 thoughts on “comcast answered! corny… but true!

    • Isn’t it amazing! Mark helped me out with my own internet connection issues a little while ago. There are several postings, probably around the holidays, December to early January. He and 2 other customer service reps were remarkable in keeping in touch, and keeping me apprised of their efforts. The problem was finally resolved, and some. My connection has never, never been better!

      These Comcast “guardian angels” have restored my faith in human, not automated, customer service…so rare these days. They’ve saved me much stress, energy wasted, and time lost.

      can’t say enough nice things about mark, michael, and amanda of comcast…hugmamma


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