empowering kids

Caught a portion of “Teen Kid News,” as I walked past the television. I’d never seen the program before, and didn’t even know it existed. Decided to google it. Looks like it’s worthwhile viewing for kids and parents. The general tone seems positive, upbeat, and empowering of kids. Raising children is the hardest job anyone can tackle, and the most rewarding. Getting help from valuable resources is a “no-brainer.” And kids helping kids seems priceless, in my opinion. I think you’ll agree.

Helping others by donating to research for the cure of diseases, with the added bonus of becoming an entrepeneur, is a great life lesson for the next generation. Where was Teen Kid News when I was growing up…on an island…before TV was a household item?

“teen kid news journalism,” a role model for adult journalism?…hugmamma.

2 thoughts on “empowering kids

    • Right?!? We need to get the word out about kids who want to be a part of the solution, and programs that help promote good citizenship and humanitarianism amongst the next generation. After all, they will inherit the earth, and be its future caretakers.

      helping them, helps the future…hugmamma.


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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