postaday 2011 topic: best road trip

A couple of years ago I was part of a totally unexpected road trip with 3 strangers, all of us in the same “boat” when Southwest cancelled our connecting flights. All anxious to get to our destinations, mine being my daughter’s home, an hour away by air. Not one for hitch-hiking, but wanting to see her smiling face after a 5 hour flight, I threw caution to the wind. Telling my hubby, “I’m catching a ride with Larry. Talk to you later.” I happily drove off with my newfound companions, a woman, and 2 men.

God blessed our road trip because our personalities gelled. We were all soft-spoken, laughing quietly at each other’s jokes, commiserating about jobs and families. We stopped enroute for a quick bite, but hurriedly continued on our way.

Arriving at the airport where we should’ve landed, I tried to press $20 into Larry’s hand for having rented the car. He refused, saying our companionship was more than compensation on what would have been a long, solitary, 5 hour ride to his home. I hugged him, tears welling  in my eyes because I’d been helped by a truly Good Samaritan. I will never forget his kindness in helping me get to my daughter, who likened the trip to the mom in “Home Alone 2,” when she hitchiked with musicians to get home to her son, Kevin. 

good people happen when you least expect them…hugmamma. :)

10 thoughts on “postaday 2011 topic: best road trip

    • Coming from a someone who helps write resumes, I’m touched by your comment. Thanks! Hope you do return to read my blog whenever you can, and feel free to leave comments again…hugmamma. 🙂


  1. Beautiful story! Thanks for sharing it, and renewing the faith that there still are some good people left out there. As someone said, “There are no coincidences.” Everything happens for a reason.


    • Isn’t it though? It was a blessing to meet and travel with 3 diverse, yet so alike, persons. I don’t think we’ll ever meet again, although Larry is in charge of Hudson’s magazine inventory throughout U.S. airports, so “never say never.” If I saw him, I’d know him from the big heart he wears on his sleeve. 😉

      like minds think alike…you and me…hugmamma. 🙂


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