if i were to speak

I’m not a public speaker. I heard my husband speak once at a community gathering of “movers and shakers” in the small, eastern Washington town of Okanaga. He was starting a conversation about possibly bringing employment to some of their citizens in the form of a call center, where questions could be fielded, and reservations booked for his company. Initially fearful for him, I was soon mesmerized by my husband’s comfortable, conversational style of public speaking. He smiled easily, added small touches of humor, and to my way of thinking, knocked their socks off! He did mine, anyway.

My daughter has also taken to speaking publicly without anxiety. At the end of her ballet company‘s season, the end of April, she and 3 or 4 fellow dancers choreograph pieces, setting them on the trainees. These are dancers hoping to be hired into the company one day. Unfortunately most don’t make it, so they audition elsewhere, or go on to do other things.

It seems my daughter has emerged as the spokesperson for WIP, “Works In Progress.” On the day the pieces are performed for a non-paying audience, she gives a brief introduction about the history of the project, and the choreographers, and the pieces to be danced. Evidently my daughter’s been congratulated by the artistic staff for her eloquence, and ease of delivery.

I’m not sure if I’ve always felt tongue-tied, with a panic attack near-at-hand just before standing, or sitting, to speak before a group, large, medium, small, or tiny. I know I begin to hyperventillate, trying, in the last few moments, to memorize an entire speech which I’d not written beforehand. But, of course, I can only visualize a blank wall, staring back at me.

So if I were asked to give a fantasy speech, for example about blogging, in front of a group of professional writers, here’s how it might unfold.

I’m not as good a speaker as I am a writer. That’s not to say I’m a great writer. It just means I don’t speak as well as I write. But I’m sure I don’t write as well as you all. If I could speak like anyone, I’d like to speak like Colin Firth, not the stuttering Colin Firth, but the tongue-in-cheek Colin Firth. Know what I mean? No, of course not.

I was asked to talk about blogging. Well, I’m only a novice, having started a mere 7 months ago. I can only tell you what I know, which is not a whole hell of a lot. Oh, sorry. Excuse the language. Getting old you know, words just slipping out, just as other things are apt to do in old age. Oh, sorry, sorry. TMI. TMI. My daughter’s words, not mine. Now where was I?

Blogging! Right! Pretty mind-boggling stuff, you know. Couldn’t do it without wordpress.com. Those buggers set the whole thing up, I just “click” wherever they tell me to “click,” and voila! I’m good to go. As long as I’ve got pictures with the directions, I can get most things. But when they start throwing around techy-speak, well I’m as lost as the cow who flew over the moon and never came back.

You want to know the truth? I don’t know why the hell they asked me to talk to writers about blogging in the first place. We’re birds of a different feather. You’re all flamingos, and I’m just a Hawaiian mynah bird.

But you were real nice to listen to me jabbering away about nothing. Mahalo!

i’d say the same about you, dear reader…hugmamma.

4 thoughts on “if i were to speak

  1. You’re too cute hugmamma 🙂 You may think you’re just jabbering away about nothing, but there’s obviously something in there that continues to draw in your consistent followers as well as new comers. Keep up the good work! And you’ve alrready had 12,005 hits and you still have 3 hours and 15 minutes to go before March, congratulations! Hehe And I have no doubt that you’ll hit 365 posts, if you haven’t already while I was writing this comment. Haha Hooray!


  2. Regarding public speaking, you and I have the same problem. And that is . . . .our minds are racing at a 100 miles per/sec. However, when we put our thoughts in writing, we are forced to actually see what we say and, the blessed opportunity to change our minds before we hit the send button.
    In college, my biggest negatives in ‘speech’ was that I had a tendency to ramble. And yet, I detest doing outlines. When I had my commission in the Guards, I had to conduct classes on a multitude of subjects. (My favorite was ” The economic threat of a free, capitalistic Peoples’ Republic of China . . . could we compete”. I had the time to research and prepare my presentation. It was Easy. Speaking contemporaneously . . . scary. Kudos to Brandon (benefit of being a ‘pocho’ . . LOL! Oh, and I still think you should write a book about a little Hawaiian girl who witnessed the arrival of the first foreigner in Hawaii.


    • I don’t know about my mind racing, it’s more like my nerves choking off my voice. I think you have nerves of steel; mine are made of spaghetti.

      You keep pushing the book, is it ’cause you want to do the art work? Right now the subject doesn’t really appeal because I don’t know if I’d want to write children’s books. To make it work, I’d have to pick something about which I’m really passionate. If I change my mind, you’ll be the first to know.

      hugs…hugmamma. 😉


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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