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It seems Akismet has probably decided I’m no longer welcome out there in the wordpress.com community. Can’t complain really because they’ve kept thousands of spammers from getting through to me. So I’ll keep blogging, in semi-isolation, possibly leaving comments on other blogs, hoping they’ll be “unspammed.” WordPress support staff seem as clueless as me, so there’s no real answer to my disappearing comments. Tried to post one this morning on “Success Network Recipes.” My comment “looked” like it might be accepted, but it wasn’t.

Now I know how spammers feel, except I’m not trying to coast on someone’s publications. But it is interesting to see firsthand, the downside of blogging, and technical control. When I tried to email Akismet again as suggested by a member of the wordpress.com support staff, the screen that came up asked if I wanted to buy into spam protection. Confused I emailed back to the support staff at WordPress asking if I now had to purchase spam protection. I’m awaiting their reply. The blogger of Success Network Recipes said in her post Perfect Solution for Blogging,”

This is a very good question, Lucy. Recently I noticed WordPress have been adding charges to their .com version on certain elements which were free before, such as getting your API key to activate Akismet

This is all a little frustrating, to be sure. My foray into the wider world of wordpress is probably being seen as intrusive by the controls that are locked in at Akismet. Unfortunately, the nuts and bolts of computers can’t “think outside the box.” So perhaps the human in control of making decisions is away from his station, or perhaps there’s no human at the helm. Hmmm… Makes you wonder.

The other possibility is that my user name “hugmamma” is too suggestive. When I first began blogging, I did get a few spammers who obviously thought I was a “madame.” One foreign gentleman asked what I meant when I wrote “a babe in the woods” when I spoke of being a total novice to blogging. I had to laugh at what must’ve been going through his mind. Me at 61? Duh, I don’t think so. For sure he didn’t read my “About” page.

All kidding aside, I’m in a marginal “pickle.” I can write, but I can’t participate. So I’ll go back into my hovel like a hobbit, keep writing, and ponder my options. Meanwhile I hope you’ll keep stopping by to visit and read, and hopefully leave me comments, which I promise will not be spammed. As a wise soon-to-be 25 year old soul, my beloved daughter, once said to me…


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the only consistent thing in life is change…so we’ll see…we’ll see…hugmamma.

5 thoughts on ““spammed” out of wordpress.com community

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  2. The “Golden Brass Ring” is the ultimate prize on Goggle’s search engine and to hang on to it as long as you can. The whole idea is to keep your site visible within the top ten spots on the first page and not get buried or be sidelined into the sandbox.


    • Just bought the book “Get to the top on Google” by David Viney. Because of this spamming situation, I was curious to learn why I might be caught up in this web of possible manipulation. Mind you, I’m not saying I am. But my curiosity is piqued. I’m not trying to sell anything, so I surely don’t mind that others who make their livelihoods off the internet want the top spots. Again, I don’t see me as up there “in the clouds.” I feel more like the lowly worm, looking for a few tidbits left behind by the big birds.

      You’re the internet expert, so I can appreciate what you say. I may not like what you’re saying, but this is definitely real life, not la-la land.

      hugs for keeping me informed…hugmamma. 😉


    • I’m beginning to get the message. I feel like such an innocent in the internet world, kind of “in over my head.” I may have to take my head off the chopping block. Not sure I can stomach all the guile and manipulation that seems to transpire. I just wanted to write and be heard. Obviously, others may not like the competition I might pose. Truthfully, I still feel like a hobbit in a cave. What competition is that?

      One comment left a while ago asked how I was able to get to the top of the Google ranks. I replied that I had no clue. I really don’t know anything beyond my blog. I’m not trying to compete, just trying to write what I think and feel. May have to do that in another non-threatening format. I’ll see how it goes. Seems I need to stay below the radar of others clamoring to get ahead. Yikes! Scary stuff.

      hugs for your comment…brings me back to reality…hugmamma. 🙂


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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