sleep, “ever catch up?”

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I envy those who regularly fall into bed at 10 p.m. or earlier. I’ve not done that in many, many years. I’ve always been the proverbial “night owl.” Bedtime for me is midnight, 1 or even 2 a.m. And every night before I close my eyes, I murmur to myself “Gotta get to bed earlier, 10:00, tomorrow night, 10:00.” It’s become more like a prayer, than a resolution.

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I can recall when we were first married, and were renting a nice 2 bedroom apartment in Honolulu. We could afford a larger unit because my husband worked odd jobs around the complex, in exchange for the discounted rent of $125 a month. Can you believe that? An unheard of amount in a major metropolitan city these days, but especially in Honolulu.

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My husband had just graduated from a private Catholic college; I was finishing up my last year at the University of HawaiiBetween trying to be the good, little wife, and the good, little student, I was “burning the midnight oil.” I was also interning as a 4th grade teacher as a requirement for the 5th-year teaching certificate towards which I was studying. Oftentimes, I’d take a break from all-night cramming, and do a little household cleaning. I’d even run the vacuum. I was 20 when I married, so what did I know about the right time to do chores? I did them when I could. Funny, the neighbors never complained. But my husband did. He had to get up early for work.

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While my penchant for cleaning late at night has dissipated, my desire to hang onto the last moments of a waning day have not. No matter where I’ve lived or what course my life has taken, there never seem to be enough hours in the day to do all that I want. That’s not to say I make the most of every minute. No. I dawdle…a lot. I stop to read parts of the newspaper. I crouch down beside Mocha to tell her I love her and nuzzle my face into hers. I catch parts of Ellenor Oprah.” I munch…munch…munch. I pick up Sitka. Oh, and of course, I blog. Those of you who subscribe, or are regular readers, know that I blog. Can’t help myself. Love to write.

Chatting with my husband when he arrives home from work and interminttently throughout the evening,  prepping dinner, dinner itself, cleaning up afterwards, more blogging, a little reading before switching off the light, and before long the clock reads midnight, or later.  Where does the time go? And it doesn’t help that Dr. Oz, and a myriad of others, continually advises that 7 0r 8 hours of sleep a night is mandtory for good health. I resolve to do better…in my next life. Promise. Meanwhile…

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Are you an early bird, or a night owl like me, or both? God bless you if you’re both. I’d be napping all day.

know where i can borrow some hours?…hugmamma.

8 thoughts on “sleep, “ever catch up?”

  1. I am definitely the night owl type. Mostly because I feel so much more productive then. in the afternoon I would rather be at baseball practice or sleeping. Then I have to do homework and then I will want to get on WordPress. I feel like time goes by especially quick when I am writing something. Right about now I am dreading waking up in the morning.


    • I feel for you, really do. I don’t think I’d like to repeat my school years. It was fun when I was your age, but the thought of going back…not so much. But you sound like a diligent student. And you’re right. Time literally flies when I’m blogging. I’ve decided to make it an early night tonight. So I’d better not start another post, otherwise…

      take care of yourself…hugmamma. 🙂


  2. We are certainly two peas in a pod. I find myself doing and saying the same thing every night. Tomorrow I will go to bed earlier, funny thing is tomorrow never comes.
    enJOY you day!


    • How are you doing. Hope all’s well, or will be real soon. Will continue praying. And you’re right, we have so much in common. But tonight I’m heading to bed early, in a few minutes in fact. So if you’re still up blogging, and see me popping out posts, scold me. ha, ha.

      take good care…hugs…hugmamma. 😉


  3. Maybe we should trade life roles? I’m a 20 year old in my first year at university, and so in theory (at least if what a lot of my classmates do is taken as the norm) I should be out partying until gone 3am at least three times a week and never getting up before 11, but as it is I get up at 8 most mornings and physically do not function past midnight. Do you actually find it difficult to sleep before the early hours of the morning, or do you just push past the sleepiness until you HAVE to go to bed? I’m writing this at ten to midnight – my witching hour is approaching! Lovely blog, by the way 🙂


    • You sound like a wise “old soul.” Because I’m 61 and retired, I get to sleep in. So it’s gotten to be a vicious cycle. I sleep later then most, at both ends of the clock. So maybe the hours I’m actually asleep are balanced out. Not sure. While college was a great experience, in class, and out, I’d not trade places with you. Been there. Done that. Don’t think I’d do it again. Although when my husband retires in a few years, maybe we’ll take fun classes at a small college nearby.

      good luck to you…i’m sure you’ve a bright future ahead…and hugs for leaving a comment…hugmamma. 😉


  4. Well, all I can say is I’m glad I’m not the only night owl wandering around past midnight having a great time. Here’s to us!!! ha, ha.

    hugs for the comment…hugmamma. 😉


  5. It’s not us Hugmamma, there are simply not enough hours in a day! Why can’t there be like forty hours of day and eight hours of sleep in a day? That couldn’t be too hard?
    LOL but no matter how many hours there would be, they would never be enough to do all the things we want, need or have to do.
    I will go to sleep around midnight and get up at 6am to write before work. And I absolutely LOVE it.


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