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Have found a few more blogs of interest, again for different reasons. Wish I could visit the millions of blogs that exist on WordPress, but I think that’s very unlikely. But every so often I peruse the pages, and pause on a blog whose post’s title and first several lines make me curious enough to “click,” and read more. I never gave much thought to how very important those 2 items are to getting read. But with so, so many to choose from, how does one decide? I have no idea, truthfully. My method is just to handpick them one at a time. And these are the ones I’ve recently enjoyed.

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Carloscollazo06 is an avid baseball fan. I mean avid.  He’s a high-schooler who hopes to become a sportswriter. Judging from his blog, I’m sure he’ll succeed. I understood one post, the one about his passion for writing, in spite of his being so young. His observation, not mine. While he hopes to venture beyond scripting posts about baseball, I’m not so sure he’ll be successful there. Scrolling down, I saw entries containing words like the Braves, Joe Madden, the Phillies’ second baseman Luis Castillo, and a reference to fantasy baseball on ESPNDid I get that all right? I also knew this blog and mine were generations apart because there were words I’d never known before, like yerd (yearbook nerds) and  werd (“writing nerd, of course”.) Of course! Who wouldn’t know what a yerd and a werd are? Duh!?!? Me!!! Nonetheless, this young blogger is worth checking out. He did spend time in NYC on a yearbook conference sponsored by Columbia University’s Scholastic Press Association. We might be reading his sport’s column in the New York Times one day, so you might want to get started now.

 My Life in Photos – 365 Challenge, a newbie of 2 months is off and running, challenging her readers to post a photo a day in correlation to a given word. Today’s word, for example, is “situated.” Not an easy challenge , as you can see. My brain cells will definitely grow by leaps and bounds, which is more than welcome in my case. How about yours? Someone who has journaled for 25 years, you might want to check out this blogger’s photo-take on life.

Quickly becoming a friend, another blogging buddy, but one with whom I also regularly exchange emails is Figments of a Dutchess. Living a world away from mine in Holland, she shares my sense of fun, love of pets, appreciation of the great outdoors, and a passion for blogging. What we’ve not got in common is the wind blowing like a jet stream through her beautifully coiffed, short, blonde hair, while she sits confidently astride a Harley. Yikes! If I were to do that, my thinning, henna-rinsed hair might come undone…totally. Like gone, goodbye, fare thee well. I don’t think I’d look good in bald.

The Duchess is a great writer of fiction, having whet my appetite with “the second room on the right.” Hopefully, she’ll be launching the full episodic novel very soon. Like my buddy Scriptor Obscura who has been sharing technical tips with me, like “adopting” my internet doggie, Cheddar, Figments of a Dutchess has assisted in attaching the image “of pointed-toes, an umbrella, and raindrops” in the right sidebar of my blog. The amazing thing is that clicking on the image magically brings up the YouTube video of Gene Kelly in his signature dance role, “Singing in the Rain.” Try it!!!

finding friends on the internet…like finding gold…hugmamma.

9 thoughts on “well worth a visit…

  1. Haha come here for a huge hug Hugmamma! You are too kind. What a lovely post, thank you for directing our attention to the blogs you mentioned, very interesting.
    And I’m just glad you like the crazy figments of this dutchie (hence the made-up word ‘Dutchess’).
    You made me laugh with the ‘beautifully coiffed, short, blonde hair’. It is short and it is blonde, but that is about it. My hair is very thin too. When I take off the helmet, it is always a surprise which way my golden locks 😉 have decided to sneak to.
    And hurray, you DID it, the ballet dancer is up and running… uhm dancing on tiptoes. You’ve even managed to get the talented Gene Kelly linked. Well done sweetie!
    So glad we have met 😀


    • I think we have “Thoughts from Mid-LIfe” to thank for our meeting. I checked out your blog after reading a comment you made on TfML. Again, isn’t it amazing to be chatting with someone thousands of miles away? Maybe it’s not such a big deal for the young ‘uns, but for this senior… BIG DEAL! Friends my age can’t even relate…sometimes even my 25-year-old daughter can’t. Now that I think of it, not even my hubby can relate to WordPress. He was impressed with our “dance” image gizmo. So was I! I squealed with delight when it worked!

      we’ve got craziness in common, ha, ha…and i’ll take that hug…and send one back…hugmamma. 😉


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  4. I am pretty excited that my day old blog was one lucky enough to be noticed. And I would like to let you know that neither ‘yerd’ nor ‘werd’ are acronyms any teenager or anyone else for that matter would know. It was just one of those funny things we made up in New York. But thanks again for reading my writing and telling others about it. I am extremely grateful.

    I will try to make sure not to overdose on just baseball posts though, to keep you interested and broaden my writing. Thanks again. 🙂


    • You’re learning pretty quickly re the etiquette of blogging. You must be an “old soul” in a young body. Not a bad thing for sure. Let’s you see things from both sides of the argument. Hope that sticks with you as you age, and make your way through life. And you’ll have to post your first published sport’s article. Even I would read that. I don’t mind the subject, I just can’t OD on it. ha, ha.

      will check in every couple of days…thanks for the great comment…still think “yerd” and “werd” are cool…hugmamma. 😉


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