365 photo challenge: valuable

Have signed on to My Life in Photos – 365 Challenge. The blog’s owner has invited readers to post a picture a day in correlation to a given word. Today’s word is valuable. I might have cheated, combining my previous post with this one, for my daughter is priceless. Instead, I’ll shine the spotlight upon another who has immeasurable influence upon those fortunate enough to call her mom…my beloved mother-in-law. In her mid-eighties, she celebrated her birthday last week.

A loving woman, my husband‘s mom, whom I also call mom, has taught her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and her daughters-in-law and sons-in-law, about generosity, compassion, faith, humility, acceptance, and joy. She has a wonderful sense of humor, laughter coming easily. And she withholds judgment, preferring to think kind thoughts about others.  My husband, the eldest of 12, was blest with the best parenting money could not buy. My husband and I have learned by osmosis, he from his mom, and me from both my husband and my mother-inlaw.


13 thoughts on “365 photo challenge: valuable

  1. Lecturing? Haha that is no lecturing! That’s talking about your beliefs and commitments and I share them totally 🙂
    Weather is awesome: tomorrow a day of sun and warmth. Spring has arrived Hugmamma, it really has *dances around*


    • You’re right! And it’s great to have a like-minded friend on the other side of the world. Far apart physically, but very much two-peas-in-a-pod spiritually. 😉 I’m going to move to Holland. It’s too cold, grey and rainy here in Seattle. ha, ha. These last few months, I’ve suggested to my hubby that we up and move…everywherelse. Of course he just says “yes dear,” when he really means “no dear.” I know him, just like he knows me…after 41 years (this June 20), there aren’t many secrets, if any, left. 😉

      you enjoy the warmth and sun, girlfriend…hugmamma. 🙂


      • You’re most welcome in Holland! But don’t be fooled by the few nice days. It can be really rainy and cold here too. Like today, temperatures have dropped over ten degrees! Crazy country hehe 🙂
        Forty one years… a lifetime spent together. I love it *hugs*


    • My mother-in-law has taught me so much just by her example. The only lectures I’ve heard from her are “not to judge others,” “never say something that I’ll later regret, because I can’t take it back,” and “take good care of health.” We spoke recently, and I told her I was going to move back to Hawaii to grow old with her. Her reply? “Come on down! We’ll grow old together.” All the while she was laughing.

      am blest…hugmamma. 🙂


        • My dear friend, you are too, too generous. If my life experiences strike a note with others, I’m glad. I don’t mean to lecture, but I guess sometimes I get carried away. I guess I wish others could learn from my experiences, so they needn’t go through the trouble. But I’m sure it’s more meaningful when one experiences everything for oneself. Have been busy on another project…

          but i’m back…hope you didn’t miss me too much…ha, ha…hugmamma. 😉


            • Glad to be back. Have to get back in the groove. I have a very small antiques business. I rent space in a mall. Had been neglecting that for a bit, so needed to do some spring cleaning, getting rid of stuff and taking them to sell. Have to learn to balance that hobby with this one. Women are always multi-tasking, aren’t we? Thanks for the welcome back, and the compliment. 🙂 By the way, thanks for letting me know the pictures didn’t transfer for the “new wine” post. I’ll have to be more selective about what I share that’s sent by friends.

              will continue to share what i can…hugmamma. 😉


              • An antiques business? Ow that is awesome! I love things from the past, object that have a history. And I love wood hehe.
                Btw, same thing happened to me yesterday on my Dutch blog: the pictures were visible to me when logged in, but not to my readers. Have removed the images and again placed them. Then they were visible again. I have NO idea what causes this.


                • I love antiques and vintage collectibles! I’m trying to downsize, but it’s hard to part with reminders of nostalgic times, when life seemed simpler, more precious. We seem to live in such a disposable, throw away society, where value no longer means what it once did. Taking one’s time to learn something, to master it, to pass it along to the next generation seems a thing of the past. Everyone’s in such a race to discover the “next best thing,” that there’s no appreciation for each and every thing. There I go again…lecturing…:) By the way, thanks for the info re the pictures. Will have to try and reprint them to see if it works the second time like yours did.

                  hugs for sharing…how’s the weather?…can hardly wait for sunnier days…hugmamma. 😉


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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