365 photo challenge: discontinuing

Today’s challenge word is discontinuing. Let’s see if I can nail this one. Hmmm…

my grandkitty is always “pulling the plug” on our photo shoots…he likes to play “dead” so i’ll leave him alone………………………………………….hugmamma.

6 thoughts on “365 photo challenge: discontinuing

    • You’re right. I took a little poetic license, imparting my own thoughts onto my grandkitty. I think he was startled when I crept up on him. I find him too irresistible not to photograph. 🙂

      will be out and about visiting tomorrow…will stop by…have been catching up since i was on another project for a few days…hugmamma.


    • Misha is a very wise kitty. He’ll string me along, posing, until he’s had enough…and then it’s “I’m outta here!” Whether it means he disappears into his cat tree, curling up like a ball, or “playing dead” right out in the open. Either way, he’s gone, zoned out. But I just can’t resist, he’s so photogenic. I keep telling my daughter she should make a video of him and put it out on youtube. She laughs. I’m gonna have to do it myself when next I visit them. Can you imagine? Me! Who can’t even figure out all the doodads on WordPress. ha, ha. 😉

      i’d better stick to writing…hugmamma. 🙂


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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