the “right” wing voice…which is it?

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Don’t usually reference Republican opinions on my blog. I think they’re more than entitled, that’s for sure. Let’s just say our way of thinking, theirs and mine, don’t usually run along the same lines. This once, however, I thought I’d share the opinion of Peter Wehner, a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, former leader of the Office of Strategic Initiatives in the George W. Bush administration.

The GOP and the Birther Trap

Thanks to Donald Trump–real-estate mogul, reality-TV star, and possible candidate for the Republican presidential nomination–a fringe conspiracy theory is now front and center in American politics: the claim that President Barack Obama might not be a natural-born American citizen.

By focusing on Mr. Obama’s birth certificate, Mr. Trump has garnered a lot of attention and some support. According to the latest CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey, among Republicans he is now tied with Mike Huckabee as the most popular prospective GOP presidential nominee. If responsible Republicans don’t speak out immediately against Mr. Trump’s gambit, it will do substantial damage both to their party and to American politics.

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The Trump case goes like this: Mr. Obama doesn’t have a birth certificate, his grandmother has stated that he was born in Kenya, his family is fighting over which Hawaii hospital Mr. Obama was born in, and “nobody knew” Mr. Obama while he was growing up in Hawaii.

The problem is that Mr. Trump is wrong on every particular.

Many media outlets have shown that Mr. Obama has a certificate of live birth that includes an embossed seal, an official signature, and all the information necessary for proof of citizenship. The directors of Hawaii’s health department and its registrar of records have both verified that the information on Mr. Obama’s birth certificate is identical to that in the state’s record. His certificate would be accepted by the State Department and any court in America. “In other words,” the conservative magazine National Review has written, “what President Obama has produced is the ‘real’ birth certificate of myth and lore.”

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In addition, both the Honolulu Star and the Honolulu Advertiser published birth announcements just days after Mr. Obama’s birth. Mr. Trump speculates that Mr. Obama’s grandparents put the ads in the papers “because obviously they want (Mr. Obama) to be a United States citizen. ” That sounds like an odd strategy. No one disputes that Mr. Obama’s late mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, was a U.S. citizen. She graduated from Mercer Island High School outside Seattle the year before she gave birth.

Yet people like Mr. Trump act like the president appeared out of nowhere. He ominously said, “I’ve seen too many things,” hinting that there is a massive conspiracy underway that is obscuring the truth. What he is trading in is nonsense.

The problem for Republicans is that some significant figures within the party are giving a wink and a nod to his efforts. Sarah Palin has said, “I believe (Mr. Obama) was born in Hawaii,” but in recent days she also said, “More power to (Mr. Trump). He’s not just throwing stones from the sidelines, he’s digging in, he’s paying for researchers to find out why President Obama would have spent $2 million to not show his birth certificate.”  (Ms. Palin has refused journalists’ requests to explain where the $2 million figure comes from.)

Representative Michele Bachman (R., Minn.) has said that she takes the president at his word and doesn’t care about the issue. But she has added: “The president just has to give proof and verification, and there it goes”–even though proof and verification have already been given.

When prominent figures in a party play footsie with peddlers of paranoia, the party suffers an erosion of credibility. While certain corners of a party’s base might be energized by conspiracy theories, the majority of the electorate will be turned off by them. People are generally uneasy about political institutions that give a home to cranks.

There’s more than a partisan cost to all this. Mr. Trump is succumbing to a pernicious temptation in American politics: not simply to disagree with political opponents, but to try to delegitimize them. The argument isn’t simply that Mr. Obama is wrong on almost every public policy matter (which I believe he is). Rather, the argument is that his presidency is unconstitutional and that he is alien.

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Something like this happened with Mr. Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush, who inspired such rage in some of his critics that they deemed his presidency illicit.

In self-governing societies, there have to be unwritten rules by which we abide. Among them is that we accept the outcome of elections and keep our public debates tethered to reality.

From time to time people emerge who violate these unwritten codes. They delight in making our public discourse more childish and freakish, focusing attention on absurdities rather than substantive issues, and stirring up mistrust among citizens. When they do, those they claim to represent should speak out forcefully against them.

(Wall Street Journal article)

2 wars, high unemployment, medicare overhaul, trillions in debt, nuclear disaster, unstable global economy, mid-east turmoil…

then there’s…obama’s birth certificate…



6 thoughts on “the “right” wing voice…which is it?

  1. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?
    Let’s look at what the US Constitution says about presidential eligibility. Paraphasing . . .” must be born of parents who are BOTH U.S. CITIZENS”. There are three categories of citizenship. “Naturalized” (one who is foreign born and legally becomes a U.S. citizen. “Native Born” (one who is born in the U.S. or its territories of parents who may or may not be U.S. citizens. For example, “anchor babies”. And finally, a “Natural Born Citizen”. Interestingly, this last requirement only applies to anyone who is running for the office of president. After our country gained its independence from England, our Founding Fathers believed that the person who would become president of this country (and thus COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF of our military) must have no loyalty to any foreign country. For example, a person whose father is a British citizen and a mother who is American. Where would this president’s loyalty lie?
    Now that I have established the “natural” born requirement (as per OUR CONSTITUTION), let’s look at Barack Hussein Obama. I believe that even if Obama was born in the White House, he would still not be eligible for the office of President. Why? Well, HE SAYS SO IN HIS AUTOBIOGRAPHY! His father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was Kenyan British citizen! INELIGIBLE according to our Constitution! Or . . . . . . . . .
    Again, using Obama’s own words, after his mother (supposedly – no documents) divorced Obama Sr., she married an Indonesian named Lolo Soetoro. Again, according to Obama’s own words, Mr. Soetoro adopted Obama Jr. Wel, well, well . . . .Obama is now an INDONESIAN CITIZEN! And, he had a new name! BARRY SOETORO! Has anyone seen any documents that show that little Barry reapplied for U.S. citizenship? If one exist, we’ll never see it because Obama has sealed all his records via presidential executive order! Question: Is our president an Indonesian?
    Okay, let me address some points that were (supposedly) debunked by our “liberal” friends. . . . .
    1. What was released by Obama’s campaign was not his long form birth certificate. It does not include information as the attending doctor, time of birth or even the hospital in which he was (ssupposedly) born in. What we all saw was his Certificate of Live Birth. Incidently, when it was first posted on the internet, it dis not have the EMBOSSED Hawaii seal on it. However, when it was posted again, it show the seal. But, THE SEAL WAS PRINTED! It has also been reported that Obama’s half sister (from his mother and Lolo) Maya Ng also has a COLB from Hawaii. AND SHE WAS BORN IN INDONESIA!
    2. Birth announcements in newspapers are just that. BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENTS! They hold no legal validity in law! Anyone can post a birth announcement and such postings are not validated.
    3. According to Obama, when he attended Occidental College, he and a friend travelled to Pakistan in 1981. At that time, travel to Pakistan could not be on a U.S. passport because travel to that country was discouraged. On what passport did Obama travel? Indonesian?
    3. Obama’s Social Security number begins with 407. So, you ask? Well, SS numbers begining with 407 are issued in Connecticut. Obama never lived in Connecticut. Bill Oreilly of Fox News claims that Obama received that number from his father, Obama Sr., when Sr. went to Harvard. Uh, Bill, Harvard is in Massachusetts. Also interestingly, that particular number was issued in 1977 to a gentleman in Connecticut. Hhhmmm . . . identity theft?
    3. Recently, a very interesting report has come from Hawaii. Apparently, the Hawaii elections board NEVER FORMALLY AUTHORIZED OBAMA’S NOMINATION for Hawaii’s ballot. This according to the current Hawaii Lt. Governor who was the Hawaii DNC chairman in 2008. Was this why Nancy Pelosi sent two different nomination papers to Hawaii and the other 49 states?
    3. A high school in Hawaii requested that its name be changed to Barack Obama. Was that school Punahou, Obama’s alma mater? Nope. McKinley High School! But, Punahou and McKinley were rivals! Wouldn’t you think that Punahou would be proud of Hawaii’s first president?
    3. At one time, both Kapiolani and Queens both claimed that Obama was born there. Obama’s sister Maya says Queens. Neither hospital has (or won’t show) records of Obama’s birth. Kapiolani claims it has a letter from Obama stating that he was born there but, they won’t show the letter to anyone. EVEN TO A HAWAII STATE LEGISLATOR!
    3. Current Hawaii Governor Abacrombie (classmate of Obama Sr. at UH) said that when he took office he was going to settle this whole eligibility issue once and for all. He was going to release it. Darn! EVEN HE CAN’T FIND ONE! He did say that there was something hand written on a folder. THAT’S A BIRTH CERTIFICATE!
    4. In 2008, the lead person at the Hawaii election board was a person named Jim Adams. He claims (and he is willing to swear under oath to that effect) THAT THERE IS NO LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE! Oh, his life has been threatened.
    5. There is currently a decorated Army flight surgeon (Lt. Col. Terry Lakin) who is sitting in prison for asking to see Obama’s birth certificate before he was sent to Afghanistan. For his third tour. He will also be losing his rank and his retirement benefits. Why won’t Obama release his birth certificate? Instead, he has spent almost $2m keeping it hidden.
    Conclusion: We “birthers” don’t know if Obama was born in Hawaii or not. We believe that since Obama works for us and has the power to send our children of to war, we have every right to know the truth. McCAIN WAS MADE TO PROVE HIS ELIGIBILITY. WHY NOT OBAMA? Does it make us “evil” for practicing our Constitutional and GOD GIVEN RIGHTS? Our libral friends will have to look deep into their souls and answer this question . . . . .DO WE REALLY WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT THE MAN WE ELECETED. THE MAN WHO HAS THE POWER TO TAX, FIGHT WARS AND SEND A DEDICATED SOLDIER TO PRISON. Just for asking to see a birth certificate.
    My libral friends, election year 2012 is getting closer and the ball is now in your court.


    • Sounds like valid points. Why don’t you address these to Republicans like Peter Wehner. Seems the “right” might want to join forces, rather than “split the difference.”

      you already know where i stand, ben…hugmamma. 🙂


      • Frankly, the Republican leadership is scared to death of this issue. Do you realize that, if Obama is ever
        proven ineligible, every law, every appointment, every tax taken under his signature would be null and void. Even
        Justice Thomas (a conservative) stated that this is an issue that even the Supreme Court would rather ignore this
        potential crisis. So far there has been over 50 cases working their way up the court system and at least half have
        been denied hearing because the lower courts have ruled that those filing these cases HAVE NO STANDING!
        Since when does an American voter have no standing to question any of its representatives in government? Are
        we now living in a dictatorship? Incidentally, the person who started this “birther” movement was a Democrat. In
        2007 Phil Berg, who was Hillary Clinton’s legal counsel filed the first eligibility challenge. He was deemed by the lower
        court to have “no standing”. The longer it takes to clear this mess up, the greater the crisis will be.
        We “birthers” only want the truth. If Obama is indeed eligible, then he has an obligation to prove it to those he deigns
        to “govern”. We will accept that. We are a country of laws. If this country should fall, the whole world will suffer.
        Please don’t take this as merely ranting. I worry for our country. I worry for our young ones. I feel ashamed for not
        defending the sacrifices of blood and treasure our Founding Fathers made.


        • Rather than voice your opinion on a blog in cyberspace, why not voice it where it can really make a difference. Go to your Republican representatives. Write articles to newspaper editors. Go to CNN or Fox with your distress. Have you written to Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman or Donald Trump? You are so passionate about this issue, that it seems you should do what you insist Hawaiians do. Get out there and show your stuff, Ben! What are you waiting for?

          I may not agree with what you say…but I agree that you have the right to say it! But go say it where it’ll really make a difference.

          get going, ben…go run for some kind of public office…you’ve got what it takes!…i’m sure pat and the kids would agree…go make them proud…hugmamma. 🙂


          • I’m afraid that Pat already think I’ve lost whatever marbles I have. And yes, I have written to our
            politicians, called talk shows and written to editorial columns. But, the problem doesn’t begin with
            the politicians. They begin with the citizens of this country. Ben Franklin said at the signing of our
            Constitution that (paraphrasing) . . . our republic will fall when its citizens learn that they can vote
            themselves largess from the public trough. Well, today Standatd&Poors have just confirmed that we
            may finally arrived at that point. 14 trillion dollars in debt! Half of that debt is held by China,
            Japan and England (China holds 1/3 of that half). And now, Obama is going around saying that
            the so-called rich isn’t paying its fair share. Well, Mr. Obama, it just so happen that the highest
            2 percent in this country pays 40 % of the taxes in this country! While the bottom 40% actually
            pays no taxes!
            I remember back in the 70s the brilliant politicians of California decided to stick it to the “rich” by
            increasing the sales tax on luxury boats. After all, they can afford it, can’t they. And think of the
            “good” things the politicians could do with that money! Like buy votes. Well, there are two things
            that the “rich” have going for them. They aren’t stupid and they have money. So . . .did the ‘rich’ stop
            buying luxury yachts? No, they bought them in Europe. The boating industry in California collapsed
            and a whole bunch of people lost their jobs. Some of them were probably even LIBERAL!
            Our problem isn’t taxes . . . it’s spending.
            When Nixon was president, I did not trust him at all. So, I did a bunch of political cartoons and sent
            them in to our local paper, the Orange County Register. It was a ‘conservative’ paper. Well, they
            rejected everyone of my cartoons without even the normal . . .”thank you, but . . ”
            Oh well, you’ll probably ban me from your blog but, when I took my oath at my commisioning, I
            took it very seriously. To defend the Constitution . . . .not the politician.


            • No, Ben, I’m not going to ban you from my blog. It’s good to know you’ve tried all other available channels for venting your frustrations and expressing your opinions. The one thing left for you to do…is your own blog. I’m afraid your passion is lost on this blog. I’d like to see you eyeball-to-eyeball with folks of your own caliber of yes…ranting. Your passion is focused upon politics. My passion is living my best life with compassion and positive energy. You are waging an ongoing battle as a champion for integrity as you see it. I’m not in battle mode, never have been, never will be. I don’t think readers of my blog are either. But I know there are those who would love to discuss the topics you favor…without letup.

              i encourage you to find your soul mates, ben…they’re waiting for you somewhere in wordpress community of millions…hugmamma. 😉


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