freedom of speech…my voice

I began my blog because just like everyone I’m entitled to my own opinions. They’re not carved in stone, but they support my core values. We all seek to align our voices with those similar to ours, that’s only natural. When we absorb others’ opinions, we embrace those from whom they originate, whether in toto or in part. Our own experiences help to determine, consciously or unconsciously, the paths we take in life. Those of us fortunate to live in America have the constitutional right of freedom of speech. So we can give voice to our opinions and beliefs.

It’s obvious that I have found several voices which I felt offered valuable information in the endless discussion that swirls around the demise of Osama bin Laden. Hence my posts “in the aftermath…#1 through #4 (soon to be published). A couple of comments have been left which I always welcome, whether they align with my thoughts or not. I learned early on that good blogging etiquette required I respond to each and every comment left, and so I do, willingly. I wanted to reprint two such comments as a post which I recently left in answer to a couple left on the “aftermath” posts. I wanted to reiterate who it is I am as the author of “hugmamma’s mind, body and soul.”

My first comment:

I’m certain no person with a modicum of intelligence imagines that Osama bin Laden’s death means paradise on earth from here on out. But as with Hitler and other satanic evils before and after, bin Laden himself has exited the scene. But just as with Hitler, bin Laden’s ramifications in the franchisees which have been spun off will linger, probably forever. And again as with Hitler, we can still celebrate the moment of bin Laden’s passing from this world into the fiery one he so richly deserves. Hitler needed to be “taken out,” and it was done in a full-blown World War. Lucky for the world, we did not need another to demolish bin Laden.

With bin Laden gone, I’m hopeful, as are millions of Arabs, not only in the Middle East, but certainly globally, that they can finally determine the course of their own lives rather than be the pawns of self-serving men who set themselves up as autocrats. People the world over go about their business the best they know how, I think, given the circumstances, physically and economically, in which they find themselves. Not everyone was fortunate to land in the United States of America where freedom of speech, and a right to happiness is guaranteed by the Constitution. And yet, even with those guarantees, there are no guarantees. Even Americans must eke out their lives the best they can.

I’m of the mind that we’re all of this earth, so we’re all in this together, Arabs and non-Arabs, whether we like it or not. With industrialization and technology, we cannot climb back into the wombs from whence we came hoping that will spare us dealing with people and places in which we have no personal interest or concern. We are earthlings before we are Americans, and as such are already connected to non-Americans.

I’m always hoping for the best for ALL of us who inhabit earth…a little naive, perhaps…but I feel good waking up with that thought, and laying my head back down upon my pillow at night with that thought. That’s probably why I’m still a practicing Catholic. The nuns’ teachings still resonate in that I can be a vessel for good, from which others might drink. That’s what Jesus was about while on earth. We all choose what we are about.

mine is to be a positive-sayer…rather than a naysayer…hugmamma. :)

My second comment:

Whatever took place in the heat of the discussion, a very important, history-making decision had to be made. In the end, Obama had to make it because the consequences would fall upon his head. If the mission failed, he would have been lambasted the world over, not to mention how monstrously he would be pilloried in America. The remainder of his days as president would be worse than the almost 3 years he has experienced thus far. So, it seems, the man can’t do right even when he does right. But that’s the way of mankind…to find fault. Heck, even the media is on board with that.

we’re all free to exercise our freedom of speech…i do it by blogging…and others, like yourself, are more than welcome to express yours on my blog, Ed…hugmamma. ;)

2 thoughts on “freedom of speech…my voice

  1. Good post and I sincerely admire your ‘mana’. Envy, even. However, be thankful that
    there are those who will, unhesitantly, take up arms to defend your right to your beliefs.
    The United States was founded by those who did not shirk in their responsibility to defend
    our way of life. Neither can we. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) recently stated that the 1st
    amendment (freedom of speech) to our Constitution should be changed to reflect our growing
    Muslim community. What should the change be, Senator? Should a woman’s right to dissent
    be limited as it is in Shariah law? Should women be treated as mere chattel as it is in Shariah law?
    Our Constitution prohibits a ‘state’ religion but, it also protects ” . . . the free practice thereof”.
    E Pluribus Unum means one from many . . .not the other way around.
    So, God bless you in whatever you believe and . . . . .I got your six!
    Aloha from a makule kanaka


    • Like other Americans I am indebted to those who serve in the military, like my nephews Loretto and Jay, both of whom are in active service and have spent time in the Middle East. They are glad to know that their commitment to freedom, allows us to move forward in our lives rather than drone on about the injustices and the “what ifs.” Both in their 30s with young families take comfort in the simple pleasures of life when they are able to do so. Neither displays animosity for the cultures they have had to defend against. Being in close proximity to the Arab people, they see them as people wanting to live their lives as we do, in peace practicing their own beliefs. Our nephews who have placed their lives in jeopardy understand that the enemy are not all Arabs, just those who set themselves up as purveyors of evil. And there are those…in all cultures.

      wishing you the same mana from which i draw…compassion…hope…and positive energy, ben…hugmamma. 😉


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