green lantern…who?

Showcase #22 (Oct. 1959), the first appearance...

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That’s the reaction I got when telling Sylvia what hubby and I did yesterday. Don’t think many members of my gender, and age, are too familiar with superhero, the Green Lantern. But since my husband sits through chick flicks, like the Twilight shows, I figure it’s only fair to ask what he’d like to see…once-in-awhile. Have to say…I really, really liked it. As we exited the theatre I even said “Sign me up for the next one!” And I meant it.

Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan in Green Lantern.

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Catherine Banfield

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Good vs. evil without a whole lot of bloodshed is okay with me. I don’t need gore to get the message. Action, I can take. But it has to be great action! Green Lantern had it in spades as far as I was concerned. The main actor wasn’t my “cup of tea.” He was fine. A little too goofy looking, with eyes set too close together or something. The girlfriend was gorgeous. I kept staring at her eyelashes, wondering if they were fake. I’m pretty sure they were hers. Their childhood friend who becomes Green Lantern’s earthly enemy plays the part well. I wonder what he looks like in real life. He looked pretty homely in the movie, as he was supposed to be. I only recognized two other actors. Angela Bassett played an assistant to Susan Sarandon‘s ex-partner in real life, Tim something or other, who played a senator and the father of the homely character. No big name actors, as far as I was concerned. But then again, I don’t know many of the ones from this generation. My favorites will always be from the Golden Age of Hollywood. Hands down, I’ll watch black and white oldies on TV anytime.

But every so often it’s good to step outside the box…and my comfort zone…

and live it up…ha, ha…hugmamma. 

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