my get-up-and-go…got up and went

morning chair exercise

Image by sparkle glowplug via Flickr

Finally returned to exercise class this morning. Thank goodness my body remembers what to do. It goes into cruise control…and off I go, bumping and grinding to the music. It’s been a couple of months since my last workout. Almost sounds like I’m in the confessional asking the priest to absolve me from all my transgressions, one being not exercising faithfully. Wish absolution from carrying around excess fat was as easy as one Our Father and three Hail Marys. If it were that easy I’d suffer through a rosary’s worth of them. Not really. I  like saying the prayers I did as a child. Although I’m no longer gullible to think doing so will make all my wishes come true. There’s no way around dieting and exercising. A pity.

Wash & Vacuum Senior Citizens

Some of the regulars in class greeted me warmly, welcoming me back into the fold. It’s always good to see them…kindred souls. We’re not there out of vanity; we’re there just trying to maintain. Most of us don’t mind losing a little in the process, but we definitely don’t want to gain any more in the way of bulk. Muscle mass is good; belly fat is bad. It would be awesome if I could just write that 1,000 times and change my belly fat into muscle mass. Seems we could do so much more as Catholic school kids in the 50s and 60s…pray and our sins would be gone…write our wrongdoing enough times on the chalkboard and the wrong would be undone.


Image by Judy ** via Flickr

But here I am still trying to make amends with my body because I’ve been indulging a little too much lately, and been neglectful about moving around a tad more than getting in and out of my computer chair. But I’m thankful that…

Seniors Dancing, Mayfest

Image by StevenM_61 via Flickr

…my get-up-and-go   … up and went…to class this morning…hugmamma.

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