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The verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial has enflamed and surprised many, while others, including my husband, felt the prosecution‘s case did not prove her guilty of her daughter Caylee’s death…beyond a reasonable doubt. I guess I agree with both sides.

I wished Casey to be found guilty because she didn’t behave as a mother should have at the death of her child. But my wishing didn’t make it true. At the same time I felt compassion for the dilemma facing Casey’s parentsGeorge and Cindy Anthony. Trying to find justice for their granddaugter’s death might mean the death penalty for their own child. How does a parent make such a horrific choice? It seems for a time they tried to satisfy their desire to rescue Caylee, while struggling to keep Casey from the arms of the law. Unfortunately the Anthonys’ suspicions that their daughter killed their granddaughter, eventually saw the family unit unravel with Casey throwing her parents “under the bus” during the trial.

 How do father and daughter return to a loving relationship after Casey accused her dad of ongoing sexual molestation as a youngster? How do her parents deal with the unexplained loss of their grandchild? Can they look their daughter in the eye without wondering if she got away with murder? If and when they physically embrace Casey, will they ever truly feel parental love for her once more?

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Whether Casey Anthony serves prison time or not, she will live in a hell of her own making. She won’t be able to enjoy the freedom she once knew regardless where she is. If she is released back into the world, she will forever be separated from a society that will always wonder “Did she, or didn’t she?” Like O.J. Simpson, Casey will find friends where she can, and live out the rest of her life trying to get a foothold once again. But the only notoriety that will draw attention to her is one she would rather not have to depend upon…the death of Caylee. Once a mother…always a mother, even to a dead child.

justice will be served…it seems…hugmamma.

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