365 photo challenge: weary

When I weary of caring for my garden, all I need do is take a look around. I invite you to do the same. Enjoy!    

In memory of my mom, and for my mother-in-law, both gardeners extraordinaire. So grateful for the “green thumbs” inherited by hubby and me………………….hugmamma.  🙂   

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14 thoughts on “365 photo challenge: weary

    • So glad you’re back! Thanks for the “thumbs up.” Wasn’t sure about this theme since it’s so different from the 2 I had previously. Can’t really separate the main body from the background. So it’s tricky trying to change the background and still have all the words visible. Also not sure about the post summaries on the Home page, except for the latest.

      And thanks to you, I’ve figured out how to do the slideshow. After a few misses, I hit the home run. I just sent you a query re inserting links into posts. Couldn’t find your email of long ago with the instructions. Hope you don’t mind my asking again. Couldn’t figure it out via WordPress…too techy lingo for me. Your speak is easier for a senior like me to get. ha, ha.

      again…love that you’re back…hugmamma. 😉


  1. I was just procrastinating a trip outside to do some weeding, feeling (as you put it) a little weary of all the work already. Thank you for the reminder that it’s NOT all work, and the pleasure is a great reward for the effort. You have a beautiful garden. 🙂


    • Thanks for visiting! Was just by visiting your blog. Talk about inspiration to get outdoors…your photos are amazing! Hope my readers visit your blog and see for themselves.

      Gardening is a refuge…as well as a Purgatory. ha, ha. But according to my Catholic school education, I’ve got to go through it to get to Heaven. So here I am…

      in the spirit of things…trying to keep my sense of humor meanwhile… 😉


    • The trick going forward for me is to keep them thriving. And not let the insects have their way. Gardeners must be constantly vigilant. I’m afraid I let my guard down as the season wanes because I’m on to other things. C’est la vie, I guess… 😉


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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