weekly photo challenge: old-fashioned

Have been surrounded by vintage furnishings for more than 30 years, but have never felt I was old-fashioned. But if reminiscing about the good old days puts me in that category, than that’s what I am at heart…an island girl who never lost her love for all the things that made life more precious…more homegrown…and definitely…straight from the heart.

Hoping you enjoy my slideshow for…”these are some of my favorite things”… 

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18 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: old-fashioned

  1. I love vintage and old fashioned too… What does mean vintage and old fashioned anyway ? I mean, my everyday watch is a woman “pocket watch” that I’m wearing on a long neckless. It was made in the 1890’s and it never looks so fashioned !! 😉
    I love your “major d’homme” with the lavender behind ! It’s so lovely ! 🙂


    • Your pocket watch is a vintage piece since it’s from the 1800s. Old-fashioned means how you act or how you dress is out-of-date, from the past. It can be used as an insult or a compliment, depending upon the situation and the intent of the person saying it.

      i like to think being “old-fashioned” is sweet…like you. 😉


  2. I live with vintage too. LOL, it’s lasting longer than some of the ‘new’ things my friends have bought.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting. I visit often – don’t always comment, so I’ll slap my wrist and be back again!


    • You are a sweetheart! Love your humor…just like mine. ha, ha. Don’t need to slap your wrist, though. It’s taken me too long to get to your blog. But I’m going to do a blogroll (part of my remodel)…and you’re going to be on it, for sure!

      huge hugs…hugmamma. 😉


    • Thanks for the comment. Funny you should say that. The original title of my blog had been “Hugmamma’s Attention to Detail.” I am really anal about details…always have been. Although lately, my 25-year-old daughter has exhibited even more awareness of minutiae than me. Unlike me she doesn’t need to talk about it all the time..she’s more of an observer like her dad. So in our family, the field is left wide open for me to…blah, blah, blah. ha, ha.

      have subscribed by rss feed to your blog…will be by regularly…hugs! 🙂


    • Happy I got to share my love of all things vintage. Everyone should get into recycling the old…even when it comes to hiring senior citizens who’d like to work. There’s something to be said for the “tried and true.” ha, ha.

      glad if my slide show of “opala” (hawaiian for “stuff) gave you pleasure…hugmamma. 🙂


    • Thanks for your very generous comments. Glad you’ve been enjoying my posts. Hope you’ll stop by often, and feel free to chat.

      hugs for becoming a new friend…hugmamma. 🙂


    • You’re absolutely right! But it’s good to have one foot in the past…and one in the present. Bridging both should be good old-fashioned values, like “do unto others”…”make new friends, but keep the old”…”respect your elders”…”don’t go to bed angry”…

      slowing down to “smell the roses” is also a very good thing…thanks for your comment. 😉


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    • Thanks lots! Have been collecting for some time. Am currently in the throes of downsizing…seems almost impossible. But I’m chipping away, one piece at a time.

      …almost need to wear a blindfold…and just pick… 😉


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