daily post challenge: #188…can a camera truly catch a moment in time

In recent months I’ve gone crazy taking pictures. You might say I’ve run amok. That’s what my husband would say. I surely wouldn’t call myself a photographer. That sounds far too lofty for me. I dabble, just as I dabble in writing. Especially since I know very little beyond “point and shoot.”

My shiny, red, Canon Power Shot SD780IS Digital ELPH, is one bad boy when it comes to capturing “life in the moment.” It suits my purposes just fine. And whenever I look at the photos I’ve taken…I’m reliving that “moment in time.” Even if it’s 30, 40 years later. What more could I ask of my camera. What more could anyone ask?

…i’m sure you’ll agree………for your viewing pleasure………

…….hugmamma.  🙂

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8 thoughts on “daily post challenge: #188…can a camera truly catch a moment in time

    • So true. Especially when it’s impossible to recall all those memories without a little help from photos. That’s why I think many people, myself included, would grab family photos (past albums and my camera) if a catastrophe, like a fire occurred. Can’t replace the lives we’ve led up to that point in time.

      always grateful for your comments. 🙂


    • Thanks! Pat says you’re an up-and-coming photographer. You’ll have to give me a few tips. I’m sure you do a lot more than “point and shoot.” I guess you’re itching to do a lot more traveling now.

      …can i come along?…i’ll be the comic relief…ha, ha. 🙂


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