365 photo challenge: ribbon

Such a nothing accessory, a ribbon, but the final look can be “simply mahvelous, dahling!”

simply mahvelous!!!……..…don’t you agree?…………….……………….hugmamma.

14 thoughts on “365 photo challenge: ribbon

    • You’re very observant. This is Misha all grown up. Pets grow up too quickly, just like children, I guess. He’s mellowed out a lot at almost 9 years old. He use to be a feisty, little one. That’s why he’s sitting so far back into the corner by the window shade, in his baby picture. Now that I think about it, I’ll have to repost a picture of him in the same position, minus the shade, as an adult. I hate to boast, but he’s one photogenic, little man.

      proud grandma that i am…hugmamma. 😉


  1. Are these photos that you took? If yes, have you considered making these photos (e;g cats) into calendars? You could even include funny captions.



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