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As a housewife who has had to listen to the news media hold court over the years, telling me what I’m thinking as part of a package deal, “and the American people think,” I must confess to a little, no a lot, of satisfaction that Rupert Murdoch is squirming in his billions. I’m for compassion toward others, but not when they’ve been self-serving of their own interests at the expense of the little people. Being one of the Liliputians, I have a very difficult time siding with Goliaths like the media mogul.

It seems our lives are dominated by just a small group who dictate their course, the media (obviously), the politicians (our votes), the financiers (bailed out with our tax $$$), the athletes (our $$$), and the celebrities (again our $$$). Maybe the religious are in there somewhere, especially for the Catholics, the Mormons, the Jewish, the Muslims and other faith-abiding people. Because of our busy lives, all of us trying to figure what that is, we’re led around like sheep, for the most part. Only when something registers with us personally, do we become involved, by choice or coercion.

There are the “movers and shakers,” and then there’s us. I think we all try to be the “movers and shakers” in our own microcosms, our own realities. But breaking through the glass ceiling of the big-time players is almost impossible. It takes mega bucks to wield power and influence. It seems Murdoch was probably trying to rise to the level of…God? So now, he’ll have to settle for “emperor of the world.”

…….not a bad tradeoff…….i think……………hugmamma.

4 thoughts on “us…and them…

    • So right! But the sheep are rising up…all over the globe. Thanks to the power of the internet. In this instance it’s working for us Lilliputians. Normally it too is in the hands of the mega-billionaires, like Bill Gates, and the creators of Facebook, Google and E-bay. But as you say, the world over…

      life’s the same. 😉


  1. Enjoyed this blog very much. Especially, since we seem to think along the same lines regarding the ‘lilipution’ and ‘goliath’ bit. Ahhh, but we must be a little careful when we start down the road of separating the ‘bourgaise’ and the ‘proletariat’. Condemning one and praising the other. That is what the politicians want us to do. After all, who could be more like us than the Kennedys. Didn’t they keep reminding us of how their whole purpose in life is to take care of the ‘little’ people. That’s you and me. Lenin did everything for the ‘little’ people. That’s what he, Joseph and Mao told us. Ahhhh yes, bring back the guillotine and let’s behead all of those rich people. Of course all in the name of Liberty,Equality and Fraternity.But, could it be possible that we see the cause of our problems everyday? When we look in the mirror? As Ben Franklin once said . . ‘when the citizen realizes that he/she can vote themselves largess from the government, that would be the end of the Republic (democracy).

    Question: How many jobs has Murdoch (with his own money) created vs Obama?

    As Always, all my aloha


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