daily post challenge #193: how many friends can a person have?

Just saw a Toyota commercial which answered this very question.

A woman typing on a laptop

Image via Wikipedia

A teen is seated at the dining table, laptop computer in front of her. Smiling she says something like “Old people are such sticks-in-the mud. They don’t like to do anything new. ” She goes on to say she got her parents to join Facebook.

Peel away… to her parents driving a Toyota SUV heading out on the open road.

Back to the teen who informs us that her parents have 19 friends on Facebook.

the lone bicycle rider

Image by onkel_wart (offline, most of the time) via Flickr

Joining her parents once again…they’re out of the car, dressed in cycling wear, dark glasses and helmets in place. They pull their bikes from racks on top of the car, and turn to join friends. All ride off, the wind at their backs.

We rejoin the teen who gleefully announces “I have 743 friends!!!” In the remaining seconds of the commercial, her voice trails off “Cute bunny…aaawww…”

…get the picture?…quality vs. quantity?…hugmamma.

(note: blogger friend pocket perspectives was kind enough to place the youtube video of the commercial in her comment below. didn’t nail all the specifics…like the teen referring to her parents as anti-social, her facebook friends numbering less than 700, and there being a picture of a puppy, not a bunny, on the laptop screen. truth be told…i was just checking to see if you’d seen the commercial…and if you’d catch the mistakes…it was a test…you see. did you pass?  😉 

8 thoughts on “daily post challenge #193: how many friends can a person have?

  1. I loved those commercials, but yeah, you got it a little wrong. Didn’t realize it was a test. We’ve done that to our daughter. She used to think we were such fuddy duddies – now her phone calls start with a suspicious “where are you guys?”.



    • I jest, of course. It wasn’t a test…I just didn’t want to redo the post with the correct info. Thought I’d just sneak it into the original.

      but you caught on…to my trickery. ha, ha. 🙂


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  3. Those commercials are so funny… and there are several others. I sent email links to my husband and we both got a good laugh….here are a few other ads…off topic from “how many friends”, but funny….have you seen these, too? kathy


    • No problem! Hope you don’t mind that I kept the youtube video of the commercial I posted. Didn’t realize I could’ve found it online. I have seen the others. But it was funny how the Facebook friends one fit in so well with the daily post challenge.

      hugs for the comment…hugmamma. 🙂


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