365 photo challenge: early

As regular readers of my blog are aware, I’ not an early riser. Only when the stars are perfectly aligned, will my brain and body combine to coerce me from bed and into Kristina’s Every Way Fitness class at 8:15 a.m., Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays. At that hour of the morning, the only thing that can get me into the mood is moving to the music. Must be the rythmn of the islands with which I was born.

I might be inclined to get up with the early bird, you know, the one who’s famous for catching the worm, if I could awake to sights such as these. I do miss the breathtaking scenery of my childhood haunts…on Maui.

Looking into Haleakalā Crater

Image via Wikipedia

The sun rises from the clouds over Maui, taken...

Image via Wikipedia

Hamilton has a family home in Maui, Kauai (and...

Image via Wikipedia

Iao Valley, in Maui. Photo by LDC, released to...

Image via Wikipedia

Kahikinui coastline, Maui

Image via Wikipedia

Road To Hana - Maui, Hawaii

Image by IronRodArt - Royce Bair via Flickr


Image via Wikipedia

Wailua Falls, along the Road to Hana, Maui, Ha...

Image by Mastery of Maps via Flickr

Road to Hana

Image by sotheavy via Flickr


Image by Randy Son Of Robert via Flickr

Lava Meets Wave

Image by Randy Son Of Robert via Flickr

who knows…..living on maui again…..i may succumb to the island way…..

sleeping all day!………hugmamma.  😉

7 thoughts on “365 photo challenge: early

    • Once upon a time…long, long ago, I use to be able to lay my sleepy head down in the afternoon for 40 winks. No more. Once up, I’m puttering all day long until my weary body is finally able to lie down once again.

      but good for you…my friend…we should all take naps. 😉


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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