daily post challenge #195: top 10 or 5 lists

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The question presented is what’s my opinion about top ten or top five lists? Am I pro, con, or indifferent. I guess I don’t personally pay heed to someone else telling me what their top choices are; I’m going to decide what they are for myself…if I’m interested. And I guess I’m only interested if it pertains to my life, as I’m sure is true for everyone else. 

The younger crowd are probably interested in the top 10 hit songs, or the top 10 celebrities, or the top 5 night spots in a major city. Parents of babies and toddlers are probably searching for the top 5 pediatricians, or day care centers, or babysitters. Those of teens are looking for the best in colleges. Law school grads are searching for the tops in employers. And my generation of baby-boomers are definitely poring through magazines, news articles and travel guides for the top 10 places to retire. 

We are all constantly searching for top vacation spots, no matter our status in life. Getting away from the drone of eking out a living makes the search for the perfect diversion, top priority.

So I guess my answer to the question of top lists being relevant is that they become so when the need to know arises. Otherwise, I don’t think many of us are going around contemplating “What’s tops today?”

…i for one…have a lot of…other fish to fry…hugmamma.  

How Much Is the Fish?

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7 thoughts on “daily post challenge #195: top 10 or 5 lists

  1. So I have my, “Dan’s Rules of Life”. Maybe I’ll make it into something of a David Lettermen’s Top Ten sort of parody. The material is right for it. I’m not sure I can remember most of the list, but I do remember Rule #1: God protect me from fools and idiots.

    I refer to it a lot. Sometimes, my wife looks at me when we encounter [a fool] and says, “Rule Nmber One”.

    Feel free to borrow. Somehow I think you might have felt this way once or twice in your life. 🙂


    • I have come across a couple of those in my 61 years. Not many, perhaps because I can’t countenance fools or idiots…and it shows on my face. Sorry. But I wear my heart on my sleeve…in all matters. So I think God protects fools and idiots…

      from me…hugmamma. 😉


  2. I love Top 10 Lists . . . but I hate posts like:

    10 Books You MUST Read This Summer
    10 Places You MUST Visit Before You Die
    10 Movies You MUST See in a Theatre
    10 Restaurants You MUST Try at least once

    Ack! I am determined NOT to do anything that others feel is a MUST. 😀


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