weekly photo challenge: colorful

Colorful is how I’d describe my furnishings. I’ve been in love with color almost since I discovered antiques when I moved to New York from Oahu more than 30 years ago. My specialty are primitives. Well-worn, and well-loved colorful reminders of yesteryear. Whenever I walk into an antiques shop or a flea market, I am pulled toward objects with paint, preferably ones with a softened patina. In my younger days of hunting for bargains, I would also consider items whose paint was somewhat rough…somewhat chipped or flaked. Not so much anymore. Although where I live, nicely aged items of color are not as abundant as I’m sure they are on the east coast, where I got most of what I own, or in the Midwest, where I’ve not had the pleasure of browsing for antiques. Perhaps someday…meanwhile here’s a little sampling of…

my colorful…….gems………………..hugmamma.

15 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: colorful

  1. every stuff here is really colorful..I love the setting of lampshade it add more colors to your photo..great that it is on the center..it provides balance to the colors of every side..nice fit for the challenge.


    • I’d love to see pictures of your collections. I’m sure you love yours as much as I do mine. It’s very difficult to part with anything, but I’m trying to downsize. So I sell off a few things at a time…too few to make a big enough dent. I’ll have to close my eyes…

      and have at it. 😉


      • Unfortunately, my collection is all packed away right now. As soon as my youngest daughter and her family move out, I will unpack and try to organize things. My grandson, Peanut, just turned two and he’s going through a destructive phase. I love him to the moon and back so I moved all the breakable items I could out of his sight (and reach).
        I know I have an old typewriter, a rotary dial phone, at least 50 very old books and lots of breakable glass and china. All of the hand made wooden things are up in the attic. There is an antique kid’s rocking chair and bench up there somewhere.
        I really enjoyed looking at your beautiful collection though. Thank you and good luck downsizing! -Theresa


        • It’ll be like Christmas when you’re finally able to retrieve your vintage items from the attic. But as you say, there’s time for that. Your grandson is your priority…life’s too short, and stuff is stuff after all.

          I favored primitives myself because I didn’t mind that my daughter would get a little paint or dirt on them. That simply helped age the items. ha, ha. I also like that my husband is comfortable putingt his feet up on the edge of the coffee table/trunk without worrying that it would be damaged in any way. Primitive, country, shabby chic furnishings are more conducive to our casual, laid back, Hawaiian lifestyle. And thank you for enjoying them. Keep reading my blog because more pictures of my “stuff” will inevitably be woven throughout my posts. 🙂


  2. I love the fact you have books everywhere in your shelves ! 🙂
    I’m sure you’re gonna love the Saint Ouen flea market !! http://www.parispuces.com/en/Default.asp
    Don’t trust the name Paris puce (Paris flea market) because it’s not in Paris but in my little town to the “doors” of Paris ! Of course theof town Paris has to consider the flea market like his market but it’s not. It’s one of the most famous art flea market in the world, lot of art lovers from all over the world are coming to buy some furniture here.
    I have to go to took some photos soon ! 🙂


    • Glad my post reminded you of your wonderful Parisian flea market. I would love to see photos of it.

      The books that are on my bookshelf are ones I treasure, as well as ones I need to read. My favorite shop is Half-Price Books. It always has some out-of-date finds that I can’t resist buying. Thankfully the prices are half, or less, what they are at Barnes and Noble. I know, because I also buy books there.

      i’m a book lover, for sure… 🙂


  3. What a great collection. It must have taken you a lot of time and effort. ( I’m also remembering other photos you posted of some of your treasures.)


    • I’ve collected antiques and other memorabilia for almost 30 years. They feel like family…offering comfort after a hard day. Old things feed my creative soul. I love the worn patina, and the idea that many of these things will never be made again, and by hand. These furnishings come with someone else’s story, and now I’ve added my own as well. They remind me of a time in which creations weren’t so readily disposed. And of a culture that didn’t feel like human life…

      was so easily disposed of either. 😉


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