freshly pressed…i nominate

I’ve made peace with never making “Freshly Pressed.” There are hundreds of thousands of blogs from which to choose, and WordPress has its guidelines. It’s likely that my blog doesn’t meet their expectations of the best. And I’m certain readers have a say in what topics appeal. Nonetheless, I will continue to blog as long as my passion for it persists…and my words make sense to the readers who frequent hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul. So heartfelt thanks to those of you who still find value in my stories.

PhotoHowever, if I were able to nominate a blog for WordPress’s highest award “Freshly Pressed,” I would select murphysrun. Relatively new to our community of bloggers, its writer brings, what I consider, a unique twist to storytelling. A professional photographer, with representation in an art gallery, he is taking a turn at raising his 3 young children. A considerable asset to his wife in that respect, my new friend brings poignant insight into child-rearing from a man’s vantage point. And what a perspective it is. A witty writer who is not afraid of inserting sentimentality wherever appropriate, he is a good person, doting father and loving partner.

Equal Parenting Alliance

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Murphysrun is crisp, engaging, fun, happy, introspective. He writes for everyman…who is a husband…and a father. But I must admit…he even writes for everywoman…who is a partner…and a parent. We have formed a bond, he at one end of the age spectrum, me at the other. He is facing the challenges of raising children; I’m an empty-nester. His life experiences are different from mine because of our gender, our geographical and cultural backgrounds, and our professional career paths.

What hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul and murphysrun have in common are the telling of stories, life stories, about loved ones and the values instilled in us, and which we hope to instill in our offspring, and which we also share with others in support of their own lives. My blogging friend and I speak with passion and compassion, fervor and hope, and positive voices that might be heard above the din of negative ones.

i highly recommend you visit …stories of everyday life…which might also be entitled…life with father…or is that too vintage?…more my time?…hugmamma.

2 thoughts on “freshly pressed…i nominate

  1. I think we’re both benefitting from the conversation…gleaning support for the values in which we believe. There are many kindred spirits who will find their way to you, just as I have. But I will always be proud to have been among the first to notice your contribution to our community. And it means a lot to me that I can count on your friendship going forward…

    as i continue to face the uncertainty…of alzheimer’s…hugs for standing alongside me…hugmamma. 🙂


  2. First, I was deeply touched and felt vindicated for being here at WordPress. My wife was initially less than thrilled that I was spending valuable time writing into the ether. Your interest, your support, and finally our commonality always makes me feel richer when I leave than when I come in. I feel like I take more than I give.

    Then, as I read your description of my persona I began to chuckle and think you know me better than my wife, better perhaps than I know myself, or…that I hope I am all the things that you see.

    And finally, I love the feedback. Thank you. I’ve never written anything for someone, for people “out there”. It’s fascinating to get your feedback.

    I will look forward, my Friend, to the years and posts ahead with you, too. We will continue our crusade to be the, “…positive voices that might be heard above the din of negative ones.”

    Warm regards,


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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