coincidence…or extra sensory perception?

Among the birthday greetings I recently received were a couple from 2 long-time best friends, Katy with whom I worked almost a decade ago at the Performing Arts Conservatory High School my daughter attended, and Becky with whom I had coffee (she had tea), when I lived with my daughter for 2 1/2 years in Atlanta while she trained towards a career in ballet.

Three ballet dancers performing a grand jeté jump

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Moms whose children venture down career paths less traveled usually become comrades in arms. Only they know what challenges their offspring face, and what accolades possibly await them. The dance world, especially as it pertains to ballet, is like a world apart. If it weren’t for our daughter being a professional ballerina, my husband and I would be aliens to that art form. It would be as foreign to us as the French that is the basis of all ballet positions. In fact we often tell others that dancers, choreographers, company artistic directors and staff, experience two worlds, ours and theirs. And unless you know someone in their world, gaining entree into theirs is improbable…if not impossible.

So while Katy, Becky and I may not be in touch with regularity since we all live in different states, busy still with families, we are still linked through the common experiences of our children, past and present. And we continue to support one another… as moms who continue to support our children in their uncommon lives.

What prompted this post was the uncanny coincidence of receiving the same birthday card from both…Katy and Becky. And they’ve never met…living on opposite coasts of the U.S. So since I’m the common denominator in our trio…do I look exactly the same to my two friends? And what exactly are they trying to tell me?

Am I the cat’s meow?…queen of the felines?…queen mamma?…or maybe…just one of the girls who like to think…

i’m “queen for the day!”………hugmamma.

🙂  Both Becky and Katy have been readers of hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul since its days as a “seedling.” They’ve encouraged me to write my stories, both being fine writers themselves. When my prolific posts have slowed to a trickle, or ceased altogether, my friends have let me know my stories are missed. In her birthday card to me Katy wrote:

I love your blog and read it every day; so many times your opinions echo my own. Keep writing!!

Both cards were inscribed:

Everyday you sparkle,
but today you rule!
Happy Birthday

friends…moms…forever entwined………hugmamma.



4 thoughts on “coincidence…or extra sensory perception?

    • This particular incident was really a funny coincidence, in a good way of course. And thank you for…

      your well wishes…always wonderful to receive them…no matter when… 🙂


  1. You must’ve read my post as soon as I clicked “publish.” I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw that you commented so quickly. The power of the internet…here one minute…there the next. Really spooky…

    but sooooo glad to “hear” your voice…even without the coffee…or tea…and yes our minds are a cut above…and yes i will have quite a collection of stories to tell…when next we meet…soon…soon… 😉


  2. Great minds think alike—and the card so suits you. An honor to be mentioned in your blog once again. Wait til we reconnect–what fodder for articles then????


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