daily post challenge #211: one luxury i can’t do without

Let’s just say it’s one luxury my husband can’t do without. He assures me of his undying love…especially in light of our 41 years as an old, married couple. But he doesn’t bat an eyelid when I ask if I shouldn’t forego getting my hair colored every month.

My mom went gray in her mid to late 40s. So it’s no surprise that I followed suit. When it was that my hair began transitioning from youthful, dark brown to middle-age gray and soon, white, remains a mystery. I’m sure I nipped it in the bud…or at the root, as the case may be. Between my home coloring with store bought kits, and eventual trips to the hairdresser, my hair magically transformed itself. Old was new again…well, at least what grew out of my scalp. I’m still working on the rest.

Yesterday while dining at Wild Ginger, an Asian-Fusion restaurant in Bellevue, my daughter and I admired my husband’s head of thick, “salt and pepper” hair. If my hair had done that…I would’ve let Mother Nature have her way with my tresses. But since she saw fit to strip them of color, I opted to fight Her with my own brand of feminine wiles…Zorianna’s custom color! Ha! Take that…is all I have to say to MN!!!

except you know who’s going to win out…when hubby says…”i’m retiring…so i’m pulling the plug…on zorianna!”………hugmamma.

4 thoughts on “daily post challenge #211: one luxury i can’t do without

  1. Your hair color looks great, but I suspect it looked lovely its natural color too. I gave up coloring my gray away a few years ago. . . too much bother for me. But if it makes you feel good, go for it.


    • For now, as I continue to wrap my brain around aging, coloring my hair is one of the few things I can do to slow the process down…if only for a time. Another reason I do it is because I attend social functions for my husband’s job from time to time. If I were a svelte, petite person I would think of getting a pixie cut and go “snow white.” With a lot of buts…

      i’ll just keep coloring my hair…at least a little while longer…but thanks for the “thumbs up”… 🙂


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