365 photo challenge: browse

Thought you might enjoy browsing through my dollhouse, with its replica, vintage furnishings. It was a project of love, begun in Connecticut…and continued here in Washington. It was this hobby that introduced me to then neighbors, Sylvia and Jim…miniaturists extraordinaire! As a team they have worked wonders with several dollhouses, large and small, an English pub identical, except in scale, to one that sits in Sylvia’s hometown, a dress shop complete with a magnificent inventory of dresses, lingerie, hats, umbrellas, shoes, and a Tudor home with Henry VIII and several of his wives in residence.

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Sometime soon I’ll take you on a tour of my daughter’s dollhouse, decorated more to her liking when she was a child. Using her imagination to provide the stories, she would play with its furnishings…for hours on end.

I’ll also take some snapshots of Sylvia’s dollhouses and share them with you. I’m certain she’d enjoy making them available to miniaturists and fans, alike. I promise they will astonish………hugmamma. 

6 thoughts on “365 photo challenge: browse

    • Looking at these photos…I too am amazed at the detail. These miniature furnishings are the handiwork of artists from here in the U.S. as well as from Europe. I will try to get you an idea of the dimensions. I may ask my friend Jim to help with that. 🙂


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