365 photo challenge: whole

This little fella thinks he owns my whole garden…birdfeeders and all.

In fact, he has know qualms about squaring off with………hugmamma.

But of course you know who’s the boss? Moie, of course. Except that Mr. Squirrel’s probably eating at night…when I’m asleep.

…that little bugger!

8 thoughts on “365 photo challenge: whole

  1. They appear to be cute little rodents, but they can be very destructive to gardens and bird feeders!! We have an ongoing battle, especially when it comes to birdseed and suet!! The first picture is funny, where he appears to be in jail — but, of course, I know he wasn’t really incarcerated(!) 🙂


    • The reason Mr. Squirrel got on top of the feeder was to defend it against me, since I had gone out to chase him off so the little birds could return to feed. It’s happened a couple of times. Seems these littler, red squirrels are bolder than the larger, brown ones.

      Never thought of Mr. Squirrel looking like he was in jail. ha, ha. But you’re right. He does. 🙂


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