365 photo challenge: fancy

Venice provided a treasure trove of handicrafts by the locals. The fanciest among them were, of course, the masks. They were gorgeous! Unfortunately photographs were not allowed to be snapped in some of the more elaborate shops…for fear of copycat creations. Of course I understood. But a couple of crafters were more than agreeable to my request. In fact, I wrote of my experience with one of the young women with whom I had an immediate connection. My ballerina daughter, for whom I was purchasing a mask, was the common denominator. You can read about my affection for the charming lady with the pointe shoes in a venetian stranger at https://hugmamma.wordpress.com/2010/08/08/a-venetian-stranger/

…venetian fancy…for your viewing pleasure………hugmamma.

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8 thoughts on “365 photo challenge: fancy

  1. I love this post and the original – https://hugmamma.wordpress.com/2010/08/08/a-venetian-stranger/.
    Tears came to my eyes when I read of the connection you instantly made with the former ballerina. You are a very good author hugmamma and your travels are very interesting to read about. You have a way of transporting the reader into your adventure.
    The venetian costumes are beautiful. It’s amazing what people can make with their hands!
    I’m going to direct my youngest daughter, Tara, to your blog. She’s an aspiring author and is just starting to blog on wordpress.
    Take care. -Theresa


    • Hubby and I just returned home from an outing. Of course, I immediately boot up my laptop to see if there’s been any activity while I’ve been gone. I was pleasantly surprised to read a few comments, yours included. What you said brought a smile to my face, and a lump to my throat.

      That you think I’m an author…and a “very good one” warms my heart. That you are recommending your daughter, an aspiring author, to my blog, makes me feel like a legitimate writer. Unless someone says anything akin to what you’ve said, I only think of my writing as amateurish at best. And I feel more than blest to have anyone read, and like, what I write.

      I would love to follow your daugther, if you, or she, lets me know the way to her blog…

      hugs for the pick-me-up, Theresa…some days i think about winding down…then along comes a friend…who keeps me going… 😉


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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