daily post challenge #217: am i driven by my head or by my heart?

Hot Air Balloon

Image by Eric Lim Photography via Flickr

I think all those who know me will agree, that my heart tends to overrule my head in most matters. I wonder how that happens. For some people it’s their hearts, for others…their heads. I think that more aptly describes my husband. We’re both probably split 60/40…in opposing directions. That’s good, I think.

While I tend to have my head “in the clouds,” imagining new adventures in which I can involve us, my husband has “both feet planted firmly on the ground” to anchor us so that we don’t float away on a hot air balloon composed primarily of cotton candy. ha, ha. Don’t get me wrong! Cotton candy is great…just not as a steady diet. But neither is it fun to have food that’s good for you…all the time.

life continues to prove that opposites do attract……… and that’s not a bad thing………hugmamma.

i haven't eaten candy floss since a little chi...

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hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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