365 photo challenge: contemporary

My tastes do not tend toward the contemporary…now. But if I had another house to decorate…perhaps. Meanwhile my current home is a split-level contemporary from the mid-70s. And it suits my primitive, vintage furnishings quite nicely.

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10 thoughts on “365 photo challenge: contemporary

    • I go crazy! Takes me at least a week-and-a-half, including a good house cleaning.

      I love watching my daughter’s face when she’s home for the holidays. Christmas holds very special memories for her of her childhood. That’s why I decorate to the nines.

      I don’t put away my antiques and vintage collections, incorporating them into the holiday decor. So that’s why the extra time, trying to figure out how to piece everything together. Can you guess how long it takes me to put everything away?

      depends on how much energy i have…could take several days…or weeks. 🙂


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