memories…are made of these…

Truth With Doris reminded me of yesteryear’s songbirds. I’d forgotten the beautiful music they made…that would have me daydreaming…and romanticizing. Where, oh where, have those days gone? Listening to song after song on youtube had me daydreaming of younger days…when I’d twirl about the dance floor in a pretty dress…when I’d flirt with Mr. Wonderful from beneath dark lashes…when I’d sigh heavily wishing and hoping for him to ask me out…when he first touched his lips to mine…when we walked down the aisle…as Mr. and Mrs.?

In my romantic revery I came across this video of Jack Jones. How could I ever have forgotten him? He with the gorgeous face and the voice that probably broke many a baby-boomer‘s heart, back in the day. Seeing him now reminded me of my hubby’s heart-breaking, good looks…when first we met.

i hope jack jones is as happily married as me……….hugmamma.

…thanks for taking me down memory lane, doris!!!

4 thoughts on “memories…are made of these…

        • I am just finishing “Memories are Made of This” by Deana Martin…Dean Martin’s daughter. Last night I happened upon a black and white oldie on TV in which he acted with Geraldine Paige, Yvette Mimieux, and I can’t remember the other woman’s name…although she too was famous. Coincidental that you should mention Dean Martin. The book is fantastic…bittersweet. He was a sweet man, but not always accessible to his own family. And the movie was amazing. I’d never seen it…so my bedtime came and went because I had to watch it to its conclusion. 🙂


hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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