the 60s…stepping back in time

Couldn’t resist another couple of youtube clips on heart throb Jack Jones…both duets. The first is with Joanie Sommers, the second with Judy Garland. “Eye candy”…all of them. The good old days of frilly dresses, glittering gowns and tuxedos. When hairstyles were suave, bouffant, and swept back. When guys held their gals close, or held…just their fingertips. When passion hung in the air…like the pungent fragrance of gardenias.

the 60’s…as i remember them………hugmamma.

and then just a music video of one of my favorite songs………charade…as sung by jack jones.

4 thoughts on “the 60s…stepping back in time

  1. I must have been just a couple of years too young. I never heard of Jack Jones either. I’m positive I wouldn’t have forgotten him.


    • Thank you so much for agreeing with me as to how gorgeous he was. I remember having a crush on him. When I viewed these videos, I remembered why. Aaaahhh…sweet youth…when butterflies fluttered around in my stomach…all the time. ha, ha 😉


    • The song did remind me that I hadn’t seen one of my favorite whodunits in a long time. Will be checking into it.

      Not sure if Jack Jones ever made the really big time. Too bad if he didn’t. I remember having a slight crush on him in my younger years. Can you blame me? 😉


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