a long voyage…home

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve churned out posts on hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul. In part it was because of issues to do with the care of my 3 cats, but I was also on the brink of not blogging altogether. As others can attest, and as I’ve mentioned previously, this past-time can be highly addictive. So I stepped away to regain balance and live life. Coincidentally, my husband and I were set to cruise the British Isles on Cunard Line‘s Queen Mary.

In the habit of organizing hearth and home before leaving for vacation meant that blogging would take a backseat to our trip preparations. And as addicted as I was to writing for hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul, it felt good to close the lid on my laptop and turn my back on blogging for however long I wanted. While on vacation my passionate photo-taking attested to the fact that I would return to share them on my blog. I must admit that returning to writing isn’t easy. Especially since I took to reading voraciously during the interim. I’m on my 4th biography since just before leaving for vacation.

So what did I like most about cruising the UK? Time away with my workaholic husband, dining nightly with 2 fabulous couples, one from Scotland and another from South Carolina, setting foot on the picturesque shores of France, England, Ireland and Scotland, and sailing a magnificent vessel like the opulent Queen Mary. Last but definitely not least, getting away from the “same old, same old” is like hitting the “refresh” button. However unlike other trips which rejuvenated me physically, this sojourn was more mentally engaging. I found myself observing people, up close and from a distance. I wondered about their lives, having admiration for some and curiosity about others.

It seems that as I age, people figure more prominently in my world view than places and things. And in my estimation everyone, regardless of their physical trappings, is just trying to get on with the business of living the best they can. I discovered that like my fellow travelers and people whose lands I visited, I too awake to the dawning of each new day optimistic about life and determined to make the most of it.

…traveling to other countries…meeting other people…i found my way…back home………hugmamma. 


10 thoughts on “a long voyage…home

    • The countrysides of France and the UK were everything I’d imagined, and more. Spending time with my husband, and meeting new people were huge bonuses. And yes, the break was great. Probably for my cats as well, for their sitter and the vet where Sitka boarded dole out lots of TLC.

      wonderful all around… 🙂


  1. How very odd, the subscription to this post came through after all the others, and it should have been the first.

    Did you call into Southampton? I’m sure the Queen Mary was in port last time we went – it’s only 30 miles from where we live!

    Delighted to see you back, and so glad you had a happy time. Looking forward to seeing your pictures.


    • Were in Southampton twice, when we sailed, and when we returned. Both times visited the shopping mall near the pier. Lots of fun. bought a few goodies.

      Upon our return to Southampton we were met by friends who had driven down from Dover the night before. The husbands work together, so they spent a couple of hours in the office there, while we wives shopped, and chatted over coffee.

      When the guys met us we drove to have lunch at The Pig in New Forest. Surrounded by pastoral scenery, our time together was amazing. The last time I saw Jill and Dieter was probably a couple of years ago. So it was good to catch up and share hugs.

      Will share more and more pictures with my posts. Hugs for the warm welcome back… 🙂


    • Glad to be back. Am getting into the groove once again. Not sure what you meant re “I question why it’s so addictive, more often than not.” For me it’s the writing. Once I begin, the words continue to flow…almost nonstop. And the ideas for posts never cease. If I allow myself, I’d have no trouble sitting at my laptop churning out post after post.

      The break was good, and I plan to step away from blogging more regularly. (Fingers crossed.) 🙂


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