the world…a ship’s eye view

While others may have dreamed of traveling to the Far East, I have always been partial to the UK and Europe. A few years ago my husband, daughter and I were fortunate to sail through the Mediterranean with Holland America Cruises, while just a couple of years back my husband and I visited Venice and Croatia. Seeing the countryside of France and the British Isles was next on my list of must-dos. Sailing there on the Queen Mary did not disappoint.

Unique to cruising is seeing the coastline from the deck of a ship. I was totally enthralled with the breathtaking landscape that unfolded with each nautical mile traveled. The Scottish cliffs…majestic… …rugged…


The Irish landscape…picturesque…



I was equally captivated by the sunsets…

…and the cloud drifts…

…the man-made elements…

…and the ocean itself.

nothing compares to viewing the world from an ocean-liner…unless of course…one gazes down at earth…from the inside of a spaceship………hugmamma.

7 thoughts on “the world…a ship’s eye view

  1. Beautiful photos. I’ve been to Ireand, but would love to go to Scotland. The cliff photo looks absolutely haunting. Thanks for sharing.


    • My favorite photos are of the coastline. It felt unreal to be skimming the surface of the open ocean, while gazing at the landscape that drifted by before my eyes. It was as though I was immersed in some story…at times fantasy, other times mystery. Haunting is a good description…absolutely haunting… 😉


    • Your “backyard” is to die for. Love, love, love the UK. Trying to convince hubby we should retire there. You know what his answer is of course? “I don’t think so.” Definitely not as adventurous as me. Oh well… 🙂


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