resolving a glitch

Am writing this post as a means to discovering why my last 2 postings were not communicated in their entirety to email subscribers. I’ve seen for myself that only the titles have transferred, while the entire bodies of the published posts were missing. Have sought resolution through WordPress Forum. While I await an answer, I thought I’d try addressing the problem myself…through trial and error. Bear with me as I try this, that, and the other…

…these things happen…i guess…

………hugmamma. 😉 (Wish I knew how to make a “frowny face.”)

10 thoughts on “resolving a glitch

    • Seems only AOL users are having issues, including myself and my husband. Should we change web explorer? Hmmm… have wondered that for some time.

      hugs for letting me know that other explorers are okay… 🙂


    • You and me both! Blank pages are totally discombobulating. Am trying not to dwell on it though. This site is free, after all. Except that WP does make a lot of money off the advertisers who flock here because of our blogs. Capitalism at its finest. So let’s enjoy the fact that we get to make wonderful friends as our reward for participating. 🙂


    • Just wanted to let you know that WordPress just advised me by email contact through their support forum venue, that they’re working on the problem. Seems to affect AOL and Internet explorers.


  1. Ha. I wondered what was going on. I’m having a glitch where I get duplicate e-mails when I subscribe to someone’s comments. It’s a pain.

    But then, we have to remember how much we are able to do. Good luck problem solving.


    • The issue’s not yet resolved. The end result may be that my email subscribers have to get my posts via Facebook or Twitter, or decide it’s not worth the trouble, and sever their readership. Of course I wouldn’t blame them.

      …que sera, sera…i guess…


  2. Thankfully my posts are being seen on WordPress, according to friend Jeanne. Not only is the problem occurring with my posts, but with other WordPress info as well that is not transmitting in its entirety. Have contacted Support Staff. Am awaiting their reply.

    fingers crossed…


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