aol and wordpress…failure to communicate

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Have been in touch with WordPress Support Staff who tell me that the problem has been resolved for some bloggers. Unfortunately I’m not one of the lucky ones.

macmanx wrote:

It looks like the fix only worked for a few folks. We’re still looking into

Read this post on the forums:

Not sure if the issue originates with AOL, my web server, or WordPress. Other Internet servers are not experiencing this communication hiccough…as far as I know. Facebook readers continue to read my posts, as do visitors from within the WordPress community. So too do those from Stumbleupon.

designsimply wrote:

Thanks for reporting this. We’re looking into what may be causing the trouble
and we are working to get it fixed. It’s not spam. It does seem to be limited to
AOL or even Internet Explorer users.
Please also see

As an AOL subscriber, I can’t even read messages from WordPress. The messages arrive in my email, only to show nothing when they’re opened. I’ve been getting lots of blank email messages in the last couple of days. They are constant reminders that there’s a problem. Very frustrating, especially when I’ve no control whatsoever. How and why the glitch occurred is a mystery to me. It seems to be something of a mystery to WordPress Support as well. They’re still scratching their heads for an answer.

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Image via CrunchBase

AOL subscribers won’t be able to read this, obviously. If they’re not Facebook users or Google searchers then they’re left out in the cold.  


Not a comfortable place to be, nor one to which I would want them subjected. But until WordPress Support figures things out, I’ve no suggestion for those affected. I can only hope that they’ll chill in other wonderful ways…

until hugmamma’s mind, body, and soul…returns for their reading pleasure…


7 thoughts on “aol and wordpress…failure to communicate

  1. I’m still having problems too.

    If I change to “basic version” in AOL, I can read the “blank” e-mails. In “standard version” they are invisible.

    What I’m doing ~ reading the blurbs using the “Following” button ~ top left of your WP screen.


    • Thanks so much for commiserating. I felt I was alone in my world of blank emails. Let’s hope WordPress will finally get the issue fixed. When I was seeing their messages completely, it looked like they had redesigned the format. Perhaps their tweaking is what’s caused them to have to do more tweaking. Sometimes it’s best not to fix what ain’t broke.

      hugs for the comment…btw…how’s your daughter, the budding writer?… 😉


      • I’ve been away from the computer all day today (taking photos). The messages from WordPress are no longer blank. Thank goodness! Glad you’re back on track too!
        Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to remember it – in case the messages start coming up blank again.
        My daughter, the budding writer, is fine. Thank you so much for asking. She’s been busy trying to keep up with her two year old son, Peanut.
        I toasted a bagel this morning and unknowingly toasted a matchbox car at the same time. Peanut had inserted one of his little cars in the toaster slot for safe keeping and I didn’t see it.
        Take care hugmamma! -Theresa 🙂


        • That is a priceless anecdote about your grandson. Precious!

          Isn’t it heavenly to be back in touch? I haven’t yet thanked WordPress with a reply to the email they sent me yesterday saying all’s fixed. Wanted to make sure it wasn’t temporary. Hope you read my latest post re a Facebook scam. We can’t be too careful…unfortunately. 😉


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