popping pills…not for the skittish

The other day when I stopped into my friendly vet’s office, Melody reminded me of what she’d said previously. “Sitka is sooo easy to pill.” And I replied “That’s because he’s in a cage when you do it. It’s not so easy at home, where he has the run of the house.” My little bud just proved me right…again.

In our efforts to isolate our 3 cats while they eat the food solely prescribed for their diets, Sitka is shut in the laundry room with his dishes of wet and dry food in the morning. After a little while, he’s let out to roam…play…and snooze with his fellow felines, Juneau and Sunkist. Later in the day I’ll put their respective containers of dry food down on the floor in the main hallway, where I can monitor their comings and goings to make sure one’s not eating another’s food…as I do my housework.

Twice a day I have to give Sitka a pill which helps keep his colon flowing. The past couple of mornings I’ve given it to him in the laundry room, before letting him out. When I opened the door today, he eyed me warily before running behind the dryer. Blocking his escape out the other side with a ladder, I peered down the back of the dryer. Sitka was nowhere in sight! Checking the side and back of the nearby washing machine, I found no trace of the little bugger.

Sitka had gone from behind the dryer to the nearby storage unit of shelves, and crawled inside a large backest filled with vacuum cleaner tools that sat on the bottomost shelf. When I bent down to get a closer look, I could see his eyes peering out from above the brim. As I got him out, we toppled backwards onto a nearby floor pillow with me chuckling…giggling…and laughing. I don’t think Sitka saw the whole situation as a laughing matter, however.

As I struggled to pry open his clenched teeth, insert the pill toward the back of Sitka’s throat, and close his mouth firmly while stroking his throat with my free hand, I cooed “I know…you probably want to stuff the pill down my throat. I know. I don’t like doing this any more than you like having to swallow pills, twice a day. Poor kitty. I know.” Sitka’s eyes were bugged out as if to say “Get off me…you #$%&* so and so!” Who could blame him?  

Last night I observed to my husband that Sitka no longer trails me looking for me to “uppy…uppy” him. In fact the night before as he was relaxing in his favorite chair, I stepped out of the kitchen to spy where he was. He looked up; our eyes met. I returned to the kitchen island to prepare his medication. When I stepped back into the living room, Sitka had disappeared like a “bat out of hell.” I found him huddled downstairs on the bed that he and Juneau share.

…i may have to put sitka in a cage…so i can have it as easy…as melody…


6 thoughts on “popping pills…not for the skittish

  1. Such beautiful cats! I wonder why they don’t make this stuff liquid so it wouldn’t be so difficult to give to them. I can’t imagine giving my cat a pill. Good luck.


    • Thanks, Linda! Pilling my cats is a chore. Probably worse for them, than me. Nonetheless it’s a pain all around. If I don’t catch them off guard, they’re off and running. Cats are no dummies. 😉

      Wanted to mention…in addition to all I said in my comment re fibromyalgia, I also take supplements like Vitamin D, calcium, multivitamin, etc. Keeping up with them has also made a difference in my energy level. Again…good luck! 🙂


  2. Hugmamma—we had great luck giving pills to our cat by tucking them into something called a “pill pocket” – it is an edible thing that you squish the pill into. Your vet may have them, but I found them at Petsmart and at Petco—do you have either of those there? Let me know…what we did is first give Samuel a tiny chunk of pill pocket without the pill, then a bit bigger, and then a chunk of pill pocket with the pill in it. we kind of lined them up a few inches apart on the counter…he fell for it hook, line, and sinker. No prying, no wrestling, no forcing…


    • Greatly appreciate the tip. will try to look into finding the pill pocket at Petsmart or Petco tomorrow. Not sure though if Sitka will still suspect I’m up to no good…regardless of the disguise. ha, ha. 🙂 This morning when I opened the door to the laundry room he was nowhere in sight. Upon closer inspection, I saw him eyeing me from the basket he’d hidden in yesterday. Suspecting he would have done that, I didn’t give him his pill until later, as he dozed in his favorite chair. Popped the pill in his mouth with nary an opposition from him…he was too startled. 😉


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