“believe anyway”…beautifully written

Conjoined twin sisters from the Nuremberg Chro...

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Wanted to refer you to another blog, one I’ve recently visited with some regularity which I’ve found absolutely delightful, probably because its writer could be my Siamese twin in terms of beliefs, humor, anxieties, compassion and hope.

We’re both on a mission to inject optimism into an ever-growing environment of negativity. I wouldn’t say we play the role of society’s Pollyana, for we’ve both lived enough to know we can’t just wish away our problems, nor can others. That’s somewhat simplistic in today’s reality…maybe back in the day…like the 50’s. I don’t know.

Believe anyway says it all. And Kate Kressen writes wonderfully as well…


…genuinely…from the heart…

……….hugmamma.  🙂

hugs for sharing some brief thoughts...and keeping them positive

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