daily post challenge #263: the solution to being sick on vacation

Funny you should ask! I did get sick two-thirds of the way through my recent vacation. What did I do? Pretty much what I’d do while at home, except that it’s a little trickier on a cruise ship…in the middle of the ocean…somewhere off the coast of…England?…France?…Ireland?…Scotland?

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I tried to sleep away my cold. No dice. The coughing and congestion kept me tossing and turning. I tried to feed my cold. On a cruise ship, that’s easy-peasy. Except climbing into bed feeling like an overstuffed walrus also causes insomnia. Didn’t know where to put my gut. I tried to walk off my cold. On the Queen Mary II, I went for miles…in and around every inch of the Grand Dame. No good. My feet ached. I lay down, coughing my head off…while massaging my walk-abouts.

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Eventually I made my way to the shelves of drugs in the ship’s gift shop. I bought one of these…one of those….and one of them, candy. Never know. That could’ve been exactly what my cold needed…a little bit of sugar to help “the medicine go down…the medicine go down.” That’s what Mary Poppins recommended…and she solved everyone’s problems, Disney style!

One thing I must say about drugs overseas, they’re a lot more potent than their weak counterparts here in the U.S. The FDA is doing too good a job…to the detriment of our health. The cough medicine I took on the ship put me right as rain…or close to it…the day after I took it. I was even reluctant to take more, fearing I’d slip into a coma. But I made sure I brought that bottle home with me, packing the liquid very carefully in my checked luggage. That magic elixir sits on the top shelf of my medicine cabinet…in a position of honor.


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So if you find yourself in a foreign port…of good repute…dig deep into your pocket and empty it of euros or shillings or pounds or whatever…and trust in the magic of a pharmacist…

who may not know a lick of english…and pray…


4 thoughts on “daily post challenge #263: the solution to being sick on vacation

  1. I know what you mean being sick on vacation, we were a little sick too with my boyfriend during our vacation in Italy !

    I don’t know maybe that was because of the difference of temperature and weather between Paris and south of France (yes there is even if we don’t think so…) and our body needed to adjust to it so it takes time…
    I don’t see other explanation… 😉


    • I don’t think I fully recovered from the 10 hour flight from Seattle to Amsterdam, followed by an hour-and-a-half flight to Heathrow, then the 2 hour drive to Southampton where we boarded the ship. And then we were busy during the day on shore excursions, and at night we dined and enjoyed the entertainment. The weather was cold at times, hot and humid at other times. And it rained in Scotland.

      So I agree that adjustments to my body and the changes in weather…as well as heightened activity…contributed to my getting sick.

      but hey! i’m not complaining…loved seeing that part of the world… 🙂


    • Went to exercise class today. Amazingly, I kept up with everyone. My body knows what to do…muscle memory. 🙂 Glad I took my time getting back into the thick of things.

      I’m a little tired now after having gotten an early start to the day, exercising for an hour-and-a-half, running errands and stopping in at the antique center where I rent a space. Redid my space, moving things around to freshen the look. Came home, had lunch, pilled Sitka, walked Mocha. Phew! Probably more than you wanted to know. 🙂

      but i do feel better… 🙂


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